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Attachment Styles

And The World Of Dating

With Jason Green

Many of us can relate to having romantic relationships that went wrong for one reason or another, and we often find ourselves at a loss as to why the breakup happened. Today’s guest, Jason Green, aka @relationshipattachments on TikTok, tells the story of how a recent breakup he had gone through got him introduced to the concept of attachment styles, which, he claims, explained most of their issues as a couple. Jason engages in a light yet informative conversation with hosts, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen, as they each undergo a process of introspection on their experiences in dating and relationships in the light of attachment theory. Listen as they give amazing insights on how our personalities and childhood histories influence the way we carry ourselves into the dating world.

The Cultural Danger Of Light-Hearted TV Shows And Influencer Marketing

The Cultural Danger Of Light-Hearted TV Shows And Influencer Marketing

  With how crazy the world is, we sometimes just can’t help but crave anything light-hearted—something that will take our mind away from the things happening right now. One of the things that have been on many people’s mouths lately is the new feel-good Netflix...

How To Tell When You’re Burnt Out

How To Tell When You’re Burnt Out

  With a lot of people talking about burnout, it seems like THE buzzword for 2020. And yet almost every single year towards the end of the year, we can't wait for the year to get over because it was that bad. On today’s show, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen...

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