This Might Get Uncomfortable

A podcast navigating the complexities of mental health, emotional wellness, and life purpose with Whitney Lauritsen.

Exploring success, failure, love, relationships, creativity, courage, and all the things that comprise the gloriously challenging human experience.

About The Podcast

On this podcast, Whitney Lauritsen digs into the things that make people tick. The things that people are passionate about. The moments that make people feel deeply uncomfortable. The relationships that bring them hope, joy, and inspiration. The practices that make them feel good in their bodies, minds, and hearts. The values that make their lives worth living. The ways in which they feel fully alive, genuinely happy, and viscerally engaged every day. With each episode, we’ll share a deep, loving, non-judgmental, and exploratory conversation on mental, emotional, societal, or physical well-being with you.

Get to the center of whom you truly are and live in alignment with your core values. Cultivate the courage to ask tough questions and embody your personal truth. Make healthy choices consistently and stay committed to being the most vibrant version of yourself. Step outside your personal comfort zones. 

Listen to raw, transparent, and uncomfortable conversations about the kaleidoscopic experience of life.

Meet The Host

Whitney Lauritsen

Whitney Lauritsen

Whitney has over 13 years of professional experience in the health, wellness, and entertainment industries.  She guides you through the confusion and the curiosity, the suffering and the unfulfilled potential, and the questions of why we’re here and what we’re doing. Join her each week as she shares her perspectives on wellness and have radically authentic, insightful conversations about life with special guests. This Might Get Uncomfortable, so prepare to dive deep into the rabbit hole. Nothing is off-limits here!

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