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No matter how bad things get in life, the power of hope can drive you to build a better life. Whitney Lauritsen chats with Cynthia Jones, the founder of Royalty Mindset. Cynthia is on a mission to motivate women entrepreneurs to live the life they desire, no matter their circumstances. She believes that the key is to have a big vision that’s a little bigger than yourself. Then, backtrack until you can take practical steps daily to reach it. Keep persevering amidst obstacles, disappointments, and challenges until you reach your destination. Don’t let failures discourage you; they’re part of the learning experience. Keep believing, and let hope remind you that life can and will be better. Tune in!

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Building Resiliency: The Power Of Hope With Cynthia Jones

On my guest, Cynthia‘s website, there is a wonderful phrase. It’s at the very top of your website that says, “Invest in others by investing in yourself.” I absolutely love that because I know you are on a mission to aspire and motivate career-driven women, women that are entrepreneurial, to live the life that they want without regard or getting caught up in their circumstances, whatever that may be. That is such an incredible mission to be on. A lot of us think that we need to invest in others but not ourselves.

I love that you said you actually invest in others by investing in yourself for us. It’s like that cliché thing about putting on the oxygen mask first but it is so true. Especially women, they struggle so much with putting themselves first. This comes up a lot with other guests. I’m glad that you are here to talk about it from your specific background and experience, and perspective.

It took me a long time to get there because initially, I believed that I had to give, give, give. When you are in that state of giving, giving, giving, what I came to realize is that I only can give what I have acquired. If I haven’t acquired something like happiness, how can I give that to others? For a long time, speaking of happiness, I truly believed that someone or something would make me happy. I will use an example of a car. I would deem that if I had a car, I would be happier. Once I got the car, I would wonder why I wasn’t happy. I was like, “How come? I’m going to get this car. It’s going to make me happy. Why am I still not happy? Why did I feel like something is still missing?”

It wasn’t until I started this journey of personal development and growth and believing in myself that I began to learn that first, I had to give myself happiness before I could give it to anyone else. I was good at showing up for people, cheering them on and letting them say, “You can do it. You could be happy,” but inside, I wasn’t. For the last several years, I have been practicing believing in myself and developing myself so that, in turn, I can believe and help others do the same.

The timing is interesting because before we started, we were talking about your daughter. I was remarking how it sounds like you are a wonderful mother to her. Was it the birth of your daughter that made the shift in your life, given that it was around the time that she was born?

Yeah, that was a lot of work with myself because around eighteen months, we discovered that our daughter was on the spectrum. For me, that was, if I could say like, an embarrassment because I was like, “Why would that happen? Why would she be like that? Why would God allow this to happen?” First of all, she was full IVF.

We have been trying for more than eight years to have a baby girl. When that happened, I began to question a lot of things. What I discovered is that God was saying, “You have to accept everything as it is. Believe that I have the best for you, your daughter, your family, and your husband, your son. Everyone around you is going to see the best that I can offer, if you can believe.”

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The same way I had to believe her life to be born here on this Earth is the same way I have to believe in the greatness that’s within her state. It was a lot of self-work that, “I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just something that it is.” As long as I don’t view it as anything wrong, it will never be anything wrong. Once I put the view on it that something is wrong, then something is wrong. Sometimes, kids on the spectrum do things differently. With her, the communication she developed early on was a scream. She has a lot of words she can use where she can say the words but it looks like she would rather communicate with the scream.

People are always like, “Can’t you stop her from screaming?” I’m like, “I can’t. I can encourage her to use her words. I can give her examples of how to use it but her instinct and her nature are still yet, I’m sure it’s going to change. She would rather speak with the scream.” It’s nothing wrong with that. If you have so much of a problem with it, then I think you can remove yourself because I don’t think there’s anything wrong.

We have so many standards. People believe that things should happen A, B, C, X, Y, Z. A lot of times, it’s not like that. There is a process that we have to go through but there might be mountains and valleys. Maybe you have to go through, maybe you have to go under. There are a lot of different ways to get to that end destination. What I have learned is that you should be enjoying the journey there that we are going to get there but it’s a journey that we are on. To enjoy that journey, it begins with our thoughts in our minds.

There are many beautiful lessons there. One thing that I find pertinent is the screaming side of it. I feel like a lot of adults, maybe deep down, envy somebody who expresses themselves through screaming. If you think about it, screaming often feels good. Unless we are in a situation where we are full of terror, that’s different if it’s traumatic. To communicate through screaming is like letting out all of these emotions that many of us, especially women, are conditioned to keep in. We are taught to suppress our anger and frustration.

We are taught not to show our stress, so we bottle it up, and our bodies become tense. There’s scream therapy, where people are encouraged to go out in the middle of nowhere and scream. I have heard stories of people saying how liberating it is to be able to scream. It’s cool that that’s how she’s expressing herself. I assume it’s not coming from a place of pain. It’s just a form of expression.

When she’s happy, there’s one that she will do. When she’s upset, there’s one she will do. Lately, there’s one that she’s mad about. Everyone was like, “What is that?” There are different ways and means that she’s doing it. Most times, if I feel like she feels frustrated, then I will try to give her a hug and let her know that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes she’s receptive. Sometimes she’s not. You have to go with the flow and understand that there’s nothing wrong with it. I believe she’s still going to be the best person and the most beautiful person, the woman she can be.

Something else I said to you offline was that with barely knowing you, from the short time we spend together, it feels like you are an incredible mother. To show up that way for a daughter to say, “You are accepted as you are. You don’t have to change. I’m going to be on this journey with you but also at the fact that it coincides with you, learning more about yourself and embracing and accepting yourself.” That is remarkable. The two of you are embracing yourselves simultaneously together at the same time. That is magical.

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Power Of Hope: Let your children be themselves.


I imagine the bonds that you are creating with your daughter that have the depth of the love and the connection that can come out of something like that is remarkable. That’s one of the most, if not the most important, things for a mother to love herself and pass on that deep love to her daughter too. Given that it’s tied into your message, your mission of helping other women too, did that happen around that same time or were you already on that path before this 5-to-6-year period where you started working on yourself?

It was around the same time. With her, and also with my son, because with him, he’s the exact opposite. He spoke, walked, talked, and read early. He’s smart by nature. When I look back, I’m the type of person who likes things organized, check boxes. I want everything to look nice and perfect. For a while, he was able to give me that. As a child, of course, children do what the parent wants them to do. As he began to get older, that’s when he began to change a little bit. I was like, “What is all of this?” Around 10th to 11th grade, his grades started coming down. At that time, I was in a coaching program. My coach was saying, “Cynthia, his grades are not a reflection of you because that’s what was happening.”

I was taking his grades, and this is what we have been able to achieve thus far. When he was not doing so great, I was like, “What is going on?” A lot of control, it was trying to step in and things like that. She was like, “No, what you would want to do is allow him to be him.” That was difficult as well because before, I would go on this tangent, and I was texting his teachers, emailing teachers, going to the school, all these things, trying to make a correction that, honestly, I couldn’t make. He has to make the correction. That was difficult. I was going about trying to figure it all out, even to the extent that I’m like, “If I could do the homework in advance, I would do it, just be done with it. I wouldn’t even have to ask you to do it. I would do it.”

I did do it in the eleventh grade. He’s a senior now. In the year 2022, I was like, “I’m not going to do it.” If he doesn’t want to do it, I told myself, “What is the worst thing that can happen if he doesn’t do the work? The worst thing is he won’t graduate. What is so bad about it if he doesn’t graduate? What does that mean? That means he didn’t graduate. That doesn’t mean he can’t go to college. That doesn’t mean he cannot graduate. That doesn’t mean he can’t be successful. It doesn’t mean anything.” If I want to put all those meanings on it, I can but I can also choose to mean he didn’t graduate, and we move on.

That’s how I began to make the shift because what I was learning is that on the outside, I want to present something that’s not on the inside. On the inside, I want to feel upset, torn, defeated, and things like that but on the outside, I want it to look perfect. Once I was able to match the two up a little bit, things begin to flow, and he began to do the work himself.

I ask him, “You need to do it. I can’t keep running behind you trying to make you do it, taking things away and taking this and creating punishments. We have moved on past at this point. Everything has a consequence. If you don’t do the work, then that simply means you don’t graduate. You still can go to college and accomplish so much but at this point in time, that would be the result.” A lot of those things helped me begin to shift that I need to build myself up more so that I can be present and give more to them and my family and the women that I work with.

I love all these lessons. It ties into something I know that you are passionate about, which is speaking on failure and what that means and maybe redefining it. That’s something I’m thinking about when it comes to graduation, for example. It’s like, “If you don’t graduate high school, you are a failure. If you don’t have your degree in college, you are a failure.” Our society has put all these labels on perceived success versus failure. I’m curious, what else about failure are you interested in? How do you look at it differently, especially when you are working with women?

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Forever, I was looking at it as society has said, a failure is a failure, that’s it. You don’t move, you can’t do, all these things that come with failure. What I begin to realize is that failure is not a failure. It’s a lesson either you can take from the lessons something where you can make it different and learn or if you don’t learn anything, more than likely, you are going to end up repeating it again.

It might not be in that same fashion but in some way, you’re going to repeat that failure again until you learn that lesson. In high school and college a little bit, I felt that way. It wasn’t until I was able to finish my Master’s degree and start to pursue my career in cybersecurity that I started to feel more like I could accomplish things.

What happened to me is that I had so many opportunities to fail. I didn’t know I was doing it at the time but at that point, I would ask myself, “Because they said no, you can’t have it or you can’t do it, does that mean you are going to stop?” I would tell myself, “No, you are not going to stop. You are going to try it again, and you are going to try it again until you succeed.” A prime example, before I went into cybersecurity, we had a grocery store here called Safeway. I went to work for them after my undergraduate, and I wanted to be a store manager. They had this test you had to do for the assistant manager.

I must have done the test like five times but I was like, “I have to be an assistant manager so I can get the store manager. I am going to do this. I kept going and going. I would fail, would miss something or whatever would happen but I would try again.” That’s what I have learned over the course of my life. Even if I don’t succeed the first time, I have built up this characteristic of resiliency that will take over that failure and make me try it again.

I love that word, resilient. It’s funny I don’t feel like I hear it that much. Hearing it from you feels like the first time I have heard it used in quite some time, which is interesting because it’s such a powerful word, as is perseverance, which is another thing I know that you are passionate about. The story you shared is an example of perseverance. It’s doing things over and over again until you either get what you want or get a result from all of your trying that may be different from what you thought you wanted but it’s still tied into the perseverance. I’m curious how else that shows up in your life and your work and why perseverance has become so important to you.

I believe it’s become important because it’s a characteristic I built. I used to think that everyone had perseverance. I used to think that if you didn’t make it, you would just try again. As I began to talk to people, I realized that a lot of people don’t believe that way. They believe they are going to try the one time. “If it doesn’t work, then forget about it. I’m going to do something completely different.” I’m thinking, “Why would you do that? You spent all this time working up to this point. This was the last step that you need,” let’s say it’s a test, “You needed to pass this test. Just because you failed one time, you are not going to try again?” I begin to realize that that is actually a characteristic that is built.

Everyone can build it. It’s just that when it happens, you can’t go into the state of, I believe what one might tell themselves is, “I’m a failure.” You don’t want to ever feel like a failure. You are never going to try it again because you might fail again. That’s not the case. You have to look at it a little differently that, “I didn’t make it but what do I need to do to make it? What do I need to do to accomplish this?”

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Power Of Hope: Websites having HTTPS means they’re secure.


The same thing happened when I entered into the cybersecurity field at first. The information technology at first, I wanted to do an area called a system administrator. I went, and I had to take all these Microsoft certification tests. I took about seven of them but it was over a three-year period. I don’t know how many times I was retaking these tests again and again.

You are paying for these tests hundreds of dollars. I was like, “There’s no way that I’m going to let this certification withhold me from getting to the system administration, which will hold me from getting to my dream.” The reason why I started in the IT field was that I believed that it would give me a life that the retail could not give me. I went from retail to IT with no previous knowledge. When I went into the IT, I didn’t even use email or nothing. I knew nothing about the computer. Fast forward, I know a lot. If you are a business owner like we are, especially with a podcast, there are a lot of technical things that go into it. To think back that I knew nothing about a computer, at that time, we just had our son and I was like, “I believe in the end it would be a better life for me, my husband, my son. We can do things better.”

That’s another thing. I believe you have to have an angle, something that is pushing you to try it again. It should be something a little bigger than yourself because my goal was to create this life for us. Travel is one of the things I like to do. On holidays, we could be together and things like that. That was what was always driving me. At the time, our son was maybe 2 or 3. I was working. I had to work too. I would come home from work. I wouldn’t even come home. My husband at that time was picking him up.

I would go to a class after work at 10:00 PM. From the class, I would come home and review the things that we did from 12:00 to 1:00. I usually use a flashlight because I didn’t want to wake him up because he was in the same room with us. I was thinking, “Is this going to end? This is crazy.” I would ask myself, “Do you believe you’re going to have a better life from this?”

Money was a driver too, because I didn’t know that if I could excel more in this IT technology field, the money would be a little better. That was a driver as well. The main driver was our son, our family. When our daughter came, it was the same. Sometimes instead of looking at the situation as more of a failure and end all, “What is the next opportunity I could do to make this happen?” Life is funny. It will give you more than enough opportunities if you need them.

I’m sure with kids, and seeing the impact that the two of them have had on you is beautiful. I love that you are making it more about yourself too. It’s interesting because I feel like women, especially mothers, traditionally will make it all about somebody else instead of themselves but that comes back to what we talked about at the beginning, which is it’s both. It’s not you are putting yourself aside.

What it sounds like you are saying is that was how you kept going, but you were also motivated for yourself too. The journey that you went from retail to IT, from working in a grocery store to understanding computers. That’s a huge jump and remarkable on its own. You must have had personal interest and passion. It wasn’t like you were forced into it for your family but there’s something else there.

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I always say hope can drive you to do a lot of things. I believe it was the hope that our life could be better. If there was a chance for it to be better, I was willing to take it.

How did that turn out from hope to the reality of working in cybersecurity? I’m curious about what that was like. Are you still doing that at all? Is your work completely pivoted?

Not yet. Hopefully, soon it will be. It’s a struggle because I spent a good amount of years building up this career in IT. It was a struggle because I didn’t know anything. Back then, we were still using AOL Mail, and we had the dial-up when I started. All I did was once in a while, I would go onto my computer and check my email. I didn’t do internet shopping, browsing or anything. When I went into it, it was a learning curve. I had to learn everything about computers because in my undergraduate I actually wanted to be a teacher. I took more classes geared towards that. This is all new.

It sounds like now you are doing some of that teaching that you love. It’s becoming a big part of your work, which is cool to think about how it’s all adding to it. Did you think when you were working in retail that you would be doing what you are doing now?

No. At that time, I was very young. I wanted to get married, have kids, and wait until I was married to have kids. I was getting older, and it was getting harder. I was like, “What is going on?” Once I had my son, that’s when everything changed. I was like, “I do want to be with him by all means. I don’t want anyone else raising him. I don’t want to drop him at babysitters and do all these things. What do I have to do to make that happen?”

I would love to know more about cybersecurity. What does that mean for you? When I think of it, I think of literally making your digital life more secure. Is that what it means for your work? What exactly do you do? Do you have any best practices you could share? Let’s say for women that are digital entrepreneurs, and many of them are now, especially moms who might have just started exploring side hustle or doing a little part-time work online. Security is becoming increasingly important. What can you teach us about that?

With cybersecurity, the work that I do is big systems. We are in the DC area. I do a lot of work with the government. All of their systems have to be accredited and certified. That’s the process that we go through. Vulnerability is important because people are always trying to get in. Maintenance of the system is important. How you house the data is important. It looks like right after that, the HIPAA came out.

MGU 344 | Power Of Hope

Power Of Hope: Businesses don’t value data until it’s breached.


With cybersecurity, we came out with the PII. Do you collect names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and all of these things? If you are collecting that type of data, then it’s important for you to secure it. Is your data encrypted? Is your data encrypted when it’s in transit? How are you using the data? Who do you share it with? It’s a lot that goes into it.

We try to keep track through documentation of what is what. How is the system using data? How are they protecting data? What is it about the data that they are using? Who do they share it with? Is there another system connecting to them? All the things like that. That is cybersecurity. Now, as time has gone is even developing more. There are different branches of cybersecurity. You have governance, your data team, and your privacy team. It becomes broad.

It’s interesting because I feel quite ignorant, both personally and professionally. Something that I would like to learn more of is how do I protect myself as a person? To your point, it’s also considering how you are utilizing the data of your customers. For example, your clients and your email list. We live in this interesting time where there are a lot of trusts because many of us are used to submitting our information online but it’s scary because there are constant data breaches.

There are many hacks happening and stories all the time of people’s money getting stolen or their identities were stolen. It’s a commonplace. It’s interesting that I still feel trust but what you are bringing up, I’m like, “I feel like I should also be mindful of where I’m submitting this data and pausing to examine it and look for things.” I imagine there are certifications that websites have to tell you if they are secure. What are some of the things that you look for on a website before you submit data, given what you know?

The first thing is that at the bottom, it should have SSS. That means Secure Shell is submitting your documents securely. When you log into it, I don’t think we have too many but most websites have to be HTTPS. That means the website is secure. The hackers and all the people out there are even still able to infiltrate in through those measures as well. The best thing is that the technologies they are using are data encrypted at rest. That means when data is on someone’s email server because we use services to house our email lists and things like that. Is that data on their server encrypted? That data is at rest. When it’s not being used, it’s just sitting there.

That’s one way to know that your data is protected, and another one in transit isn’t encrypted as well. As it’s going across the internet, people are trying to intercept it. When they do, they won’t see anything because it’s encrypted. It means that when it leaves, its destination is key. When it arrives at its destination, it is supposed to be at that destination, should have the key to unlock it, and then you will be able to see it.

It’s very interesting because a lot of times, the number one thing with data and protecting data but data is cost and a lot of companies and businesses don’t value that until it’s breached. Once it’s breached, they see the necessity of even beforehand of having done that. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Using old technology as well that’s outdated. Like Microsoft, over the years, keep upgrading. The older software that they were using doesn’t do anything for its protection anymore. If a company or a business is running that technology, then that’s going to be a problem because there are no new updates. That data is really exposed.

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The cost is a big element of this for a small business too. When you are just trying to get by, and every cost feels like a big consideration, I have certainly been there too. I have had my website hacked at least once. After that, I was recognizing the importance of building some security because of the time it takes to recover emails, this is what happened to me years ago, my email, which is connected to my websites, got hacked, and everything was erased. I didn’t have the backups. It’s so much stress. To look back, would I pay X amount of money to have prevented that? Absolutely, because a lot of times it’s not that expensive.

I find myself adding a little bit more to trying to figure something out because ignorance is another element of this to your point earlier. There’s so much to learn. It feels confusing and overwhelming. A lot of people say, “I don’t get it. I’m not going to deal with it.” They hope that nothing will ever happen to them. A lot of times, it probably won’t be statistically but when it does happen, it can be devastating.

The small things that have happened to me have been enough for me to say I need to at least put some basics. I remember even switching over from HTTP to HTTPS. That felt overwhelming to me because I had been on the internet for so long that moving a website over, I had to sit down and follow it step-by-step and understand it.

It’s like, “I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m going to figure it out.” You could pay somebody to do this stuff for you. If you don’t have a budget to hire someone for it, you do have to spend the time but it’s incredibly important, to your point. Having someone like you that has been through that and can encourage people to learn and also share that journey that you have been through in the personal challenges you have had to overcome is so inspiring. One thing else that you touched upon briefly but I know is also important to you is hope. I want to circle back to that because it’s pretty clear why hope is important to you but I’m curious when you are doing your work, why is the message of hope important for you to spread to others?

It’s so funny. I was talking to my sister about that. We were having a discussion. I was telling her because when you have a hope that gives you that drive, that expectancy, that, “I can do this. It will get better,” type of message. When you don’t have hope, it’s like, “Whatever. However, it comes. Whoever.” There’s always something that we should be looking at to give us hope.

With me, I love my kids, so it’s my kids. I hope they have the best life, marry wonderful people, and have great children, so that would give me great-grandchildren, even though they are still young. Every time I talk about kids, they are probably like, “Mom, please.” I’m like, “I am getting older. I won’t mind a few grandchildren,” especially our son.

That gives you that hope that life can and will be better. When you wake up in the morning, and the other thing about it is that when you have that type of hope, that’s why entrepreneurship is so excellent for that because most businesses that you are going to create or do will be something of a reflection of yourself that you can honestly give. That will drive you and give you that hope to get out of bed in the morning that, “I’m going to see the next best guests. I’m going to have the next best client. My business is going to be growing.” You have that hope.

MGU 344 | Power Of Hope

Power Of Hope: Make the impact you know God created you to make.


You keep going, even though things are not going all that great or maybe you are having your ups and downs, you still have that hope that in the long run, I’m going to have however you created, looking at your business or career as well. If you are wanting to excel in your career, that one too, you are thinking, “Let me get up. Let me get going. There’s so much I have to do.” Without that, that’s how you can sink into a little bit of depression and things like that. One of the guys I saw at work was saying he was a little depressed. I was asking him, “When you say you feel depressed, what does that feel like? What did you do? What did that mean to you?”

He was saying that he wanted to sleep a lot. He didn’t want to be around friends and stuff like that. He didn’t know that he was going into that. That’s the exact opposite of hope. You don’t have any drive to do anything but if you are hoping and looking for something, then you will have the drive. That’s why I believe that it’s imperative that you create your vision, and you create your vision 5 to 10 years out. It’s not so that you put it there and you sit it on the wall but you create this big vision, and then you start to backtrack it and you keep backtracking until you can take practical steps every day to reach this goal that’s 5 or 10 years down the line.

Every day you are working and looking and you are like, “That’s what I’m going for. Let me go. Let me try again.” That’s why it’s imperative too, to read it. It’s good to write it down and read it as much as you can. If you have to read it once a day, twice a day, if you are feeling down, read it again because that will give you that hope that, “I can do it.” Two, we always have people who have done it before us, so we can look at their lives as well. A lot lately, I have been looking at Oprah and how she does things in the life that she lives in, just the person that she is. When I look at her, she is a person that likes to give. She likes to have a lot of hope and let go.

Those are some of the characteristics that I want to develop well. I don’t want to hold onto things any longer than I have to because that diminishes my hope. If I’m holding onto something that was in the past that maybe didn’t work out, that will take away the hope that’s going to push me to go on. I believe hope is important.

It is something that we have to have daily to push and keep us going down this path because, in life, there are many things that come to come at you. There are disappointments, happiness, highs, and lows. You want to be able to have something that, in the good times, you are looking towards it, and in the bad times, you are looking towards it as well. That’s my belief when it comes to hope that it’s everything.

I would love to know, on that note, what is your vision for yourself for the next 5 to 10 years? What keeps hope alive for you beyond your family and specifically around your work but I would also love to hear anything personal as well for your vision?

My vision for 5 to 10 years, I started my podcast, and we are going to do on 40. It was some ups and downs with that podcast. I started on one platform, look like it was going well, numbers were good. I switched the company that was helping me with the editing. We didn’t see eye to eye, so I switched, and everything plummeted. I was like, “What is going on?” That is my big dream, to have a successful podcast where I’m speaking and encouraging women and entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and start the life that they desire because a lot of times, we are not living the life we want. Each and every one of us has a desire inside of us.

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We have a unique gift that the world is waiting for us to show. That’s what I want to do, be able to help you bring it out. A lot of times, another one is like, “I would love to live on the beach.” My husband always says, “You want to move to the beach? What about the beach to the beach?” I’m like, “I love the beach, the sand, and the water.” It is what it’s about. The beach looks like the sky meets the beach and that line that’s there but it’s not there. That’s how life is, you get to that line, and then you see it, another one, and you get there and another. It goes on and on.

Another one of my visions is to have unlimited time with my family. With my son, I did go do a lot with him but with my daughter, I want to be able to do even more. I enjoy dropping her off at school and picking her up from school. I enjoy taking her places. I don’t want anything for me to have to choose, “Do I have to go to work or do I have to go somewhere with my daughter?”

I want to be able to say, “My daughter, my husband, and my family are always first.” Another big goal dream is I want to start, and I have been in this gardening business. We are going to be moving soon into a house. I would love for me to be able to cultivate our own garden, vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, all the things we need to eat, and believe in myself and make the impact that I know God has created me to make.

I’m thrilled that we can at least help you with part of that vision now. For the reader who has enjoyed reading, they can go listen to your podcast. They can subscribe, support you that way, and continue to feel inspired by you. Ignite The Desire is the name of your show. I love all the other sides of it. They are all connected. All of that spending time with your family could be done in the garden. We can garden together. Those stories on your podcast would sound amazing. Moving to the beach, you can have the water in a garden overlooking the ocean or a garden in the back. I have already seen it for you. You painted such beautiful pictures, Cynthia, that I see your vision.

When other people hold the vision for you alongside you, it becomes more powerful and achievable. You’ve got me there. I imagine the reader as well. I’m so grateful that you shared your desires, visions, and hope. All of these wonderful, inspirational messages that you share have given me a lot of joy and reminded me why I do this show. That gives me hope. You have a beautiful ability to pass that on to others. Speaking of beautiful, by the way, I want to say your Instagram is fantastic. I went to Cynthia’s Instagram and I was like, “This is so well done.” It makes me want to spend more time on Instagram.

You have such a radiance about you. You have to go look at Cynthia because, honestly, when I first saw your photo, when you emailed it to me for this show, I was like, “She makes me smile.” You have a power about you when you show up. That made me feel good through that small exchange. That’s a magical quality that I am honored to have witnessed.

To be honest, that has taken time. When I started my entrepreneurship journey, I also started a lot of self-development that included meditation, clearing my mind, and letting go. Before, I could go from 0 to 100 like that. Like, “What makes her calm?” That took work. I don’t want to live my life like that continuously. Even when I feel myself rising up, I tell myself, “No, we don’t want to do that. Calm down. Breathe. It’s going to be okay.” Everyone can have it but it takes a lot of inner work. A lot of times, we are looking for things outwardly and quick fixes. It’s no way about that. You have to dig into yourself.

What are you thinking a lot about? How do you view you? How you view you is going to be presented everywhere you go. If you have confidence, self-worth and happiness, and joy in you, then it easily comes out. We can’t mask it, even though we tried. We try to have the outer not match the inner and the inner not match the outer but it’s no way around it.

Whatever is inside will come out. It has to. It’s the way that this journey that we are on has been designed. One way to start easily is through your self-awareness and what you are thinking about. Think about what you are thinking about. That directly relates to the emotion, stress, and things of that nature as well.

What a beautiful, perfect note to end on, Cynthia, because it ties right back to the very beginning. I love that you shared that. Thank you for everything that you’ve given to us. It’s wonderful. I deeply appreciate it.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for having me. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments.

It’s my pleasure.


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MGU 344 | Power Of HopeCynthia Jones is the founder of Royalty Mindset, a company whose mission is to aspire and motivate career-driven and startup entrepreneurs women to live the life they desire, no matter the circumstances. With years of experience, she has a long record of successfully guiding women. Cynthia attained a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Double Master’s in Cybersecurity. Her knowledge of psychology enables her to understand your needs in detail. Hence, she is able to serve you better by focusing on their short-term and long-term goals.


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