MGU 353 | Time To Recover


Why is it that when you call in sick for work, you tend to try your best to recover as quickly as possible? People don’t allow themselves to recover from all the stress. That can be stress from work or even just social stress. Being around people takes a lot of energy and can really drain a person. People need to give themselves time to recover. They need to find fluidity in their schedule so that they can perform even better. Join Whitney Lauritsen as she shares how her past week has been and how she needs time to recover. Find out why people feel the need to share everything in their lives via social media. Discover your motivation and your purpose on why you do what you do. Why does Whitney do podcasting? Find out all the answers today!

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Giving Yourself Time To Recover

This episode is an inside look into some of the things that I struggle with. It’s so important to be transparent about hardships, which is the core of the show. I’ve aimed with so much of the show to summarize things, have lessons, and give takeaways. That is so much of how things tend to be structured, especially in the mental health space, the influencer space, and the content space. How can we tie up life into a nice bow or share our hardships, but there’s always got to be some lesson? Sometimes that like feels a lot of pressure. I haven’t been able to get myself motivated to sit down and do this episode.

I was feeling this pressure that if I didn’t submit this episode soon, it was not going to come out in time. I was reflecting a lot on that. I never want to do you do something just to do something. Some of what I talked about in that episode that I’m not going to release was about transactional relationships and feeling so uninterested in doing something to get something out of it. I feel the more I lean into my neurodivergence and go through my unmasking process, I recognize how much I felt I had to shape myself into this mold as I’ve talked about.

There are times when I feel deep resistance to it. I feel I can’t proceed to do things the way that I feel I “should do them” do things the way that is recommended and follow these strategies and rules. Maybe part of that is not wanting to do things other people’s way unless I feel connected to it and it makes sense to me. It’s so important for my brain for things to make sense. If something doesn’t make sense to me, I either feel like I can’t do it or I feel deep resistance to doing it.

It needs to have a purpose. It needs to resonate. I have to feel connected to it. It’s interesting with this show, a lot of times, I feel like I can speak on something. I’ll sit down here. I’ll have something in mind, speak on it, and I’ll take notes. I do this all the time, especially when I’m reading. I’ll take notes from books to share in an episode because I’ll have so many thoughts about it. That’s tricky because sometimes that inspiration and those thoughts diminish over time.

Time For Recovery

I have a bunch that I’ve wanted to make an episode on, but I don’t feel like talking about that. I could fake it, but you would probably be able to sense that. I don’t want that experience for you, but I also don’t want to force something if I don’t have to. That’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. How many things I’ve done in my life in the past and still do that I don’t want to do? I’ve been thinking about how I have so much flexibility in my life and also a lot of privilege not to have to conform.

What’s tricky is that it can feel lonely when you step outside the norm and it can feel uncomfortable. For me, having spent so much of my life, perhaps as a form of masking or coping, doing things to please other people and putting other people’s needs ahead of mine, it feels very uncomfortable for me to tune into what I do want. For days, I have not felt like doing the show. I was like, “I’m not going to do it. I’ll wait until the last minute.”

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I’ve probably gone beyond the last minute in the way that the show works. I don’t know if the team that I work with will have the episode done on time. In my mind, I’m thinking, “Maybe I will release this episode unedited at least temporarily so it can still go out on time.” I feel that consistency is so important for you and for me, perhaps. Maybe you look forward to the days that the episodes come out. Maybe you don’t even notice when they come out, but there is certainly a pattern. That’s something that’s important to me, being dependable and having integrity.

Being On-Time

I’ve started to play with what that means. For example, being on time. I’m simultaneously passionate about respecting my time and other people’s time. I’m also generally a person that’s five minutes late almost all the time, or I’ll be exactly on time, cutting it close. I met up with a friend and I was five minutes late. I was thinking a lot about it because I intended to be on time. I want to respect this person’s time, but there were a couple of things that happened that led to me being five minutes late, as that often happens for me.

I thought, “Is it that bad?” It feels nuanced if this makes any sense to you. Late is late, if you’re a minute late, you’re late. I have certainly been on the other side of things where when somebody’s five minutes late, it feels like a ton of time has gone by. When I’m five minutes late, I feel the tension and a little bit of guilt, but also, “It’s only five minutes.” It’s that tricky thing because five minutes is so relative. There are times when that could be completely unacceptable.

I suppose in my head, I’m always feeling things out like, “Is it acceptable?” I’m also questioning, “Why do I have that tendency to be five minutes late?” Anyways, that is a little tangent about this lateness. In my head, I kept thinking, “Is it okay to submit my episode late?” It even crossed my mind, “Would it be okay if I didn’t release this episode on Monday as I usually do?” My concern is that when I allow myself one slip up if it’s not truly necessary and isn’t for some extreme emergency, that creates a ripple effect.

This applies to being late versus on time because that leniency sometimes can expand. I’ve noticed this a lot in dynamics with people. If somebody is late, cancels on me last minute, or reschedules, I’ve started to tune into how that feels to me energetically. It’s usually interesting to see how I feel when that first happens. If it happens again, it’s one of that, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” type of thing. If I make it okay for them to do it to me one time, do they feel like they can do it to me again?

There’s always that question, “Does somebody have a good reason for canceling or being late?” It’s interesting, but that comes down to humanity. The whole reason I’m bringing this up is thinking about structure, rules, and best practices but also allowing this space to be human. That’s where it starts to feel confusing because there are times when I like to delay things or I want to push the boundaries and see what can I get away with not doing?

MGU 353 | Time To Recover

Time To Recover: If something doesn’t make sense to you, it can feel like you can’t do it or that there is deep resistance to doing it. It needs to have a purpose. You need to feel connected to it.


A lot of times that comes out of me feeling burnt out, stressed, tired, frustrated, all these emotions, and looking for some leniency in my life. That’s where humanity is. If it becomes this pattern, messing up every once in a while is human, forgetting to do something, needing a break, getting sick, or having these times where we don’t follow through. If that’s rare, that feels acceptable. If it becomes a regular thing or happens multiple times in a row, it starts to feel something very different.

Feeling Tired

That’s where my brain has been with this episode. It’s been interesting to reflect on. I also felt tired. I wanted to share some of this, too, to get into the humanity. I don’t like being tired. I’m experiencing some tiredness that I’m afraid is a primer to being sick. I’m afraid of being sick. Even my voice feels like the pre-sick voice. It feels a little scratchy. My head feels a little drowsy. I’ve been going through a tough time with my food sensitivities recently. My fingers are crossed that that’s all this is, plus social burnout.

First, let me share, I socialize three days in a row, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in person with people, which feels like a big deal for me these days. Friday, I had a meeting and that was a work-related thing. I found myself so drained by that, even though it was great. It was outdoors. It was with a person that I wanted to work with. Everything felt great about it, but I felt totally drained after about two hours of that meeting. I went home and barely did any work and then last minute, I met some deadlines, probably at midnight on Friday.

Saturday, I had Beyond Measure, the private community that I run. We had our virtual meeting, which drained me, but not much because they’re virtual. They energetically take some work for me. That night, I went into an intense social situation, which I’m not going to get into because it was private. It was with a small group of people in person for an intense reason and it was very draining to go through this intense experience together. That went pretty late. I didn’t get home until late on Saturday.

Sunday, I spent five hours with my friends who live half an hour away from me, which also feels far, but isn’t far. Anyway, with all of that stuff combined, it’s no wonder that Monday felt intense. Plus, I had to go to the dentist. I did not expect that to take a lot out of me. That even counts as a fourth in-person experience. I could not do anything. I lay in bed underneath my weighted blanket, watching TV and watching TikToks all day. I looked in my emails and tried to see if there was anything urgent.

Usually, on Mondays, I do some work for clients. Now I’m feeling that intensity and the pressure that I didn’t work a lot on Friday. I try not to work on the weekends. I didn’t work on Monday. I don’t even know if what I’m feeling is sickness or that burnout. That’s contributing to me evaluating, “What do I want to do versus what do I not want to do?” It’s so tough to navigate life when it feels like there’s one thing after another.

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To take a break feels nice. A lot of times, the breaks don’t feel quite long enough to recover. If you take a break, then it’s putting off things that your to-do list could start to pile up. I don’t want to live my life that way. That’s something I’m trying to figure out. It feels like this big trap that most of us are in. For me, not being a parent where I see parenting, you make a choice. You’re in it. You’re committed. You can’t choose not to take care of your kids. I think a lot about parenting these days.

For some reason, I feel so hyperaware of it and the experience of it. For me not being a parent, I feel I have a lot of freedom, but with work stuff, that’s where it feels intense for me at times. There’s that fear of, “I want to pause. I want to take care of myself. If I pause, what do I miss out on? What things could I lose?” I imagine that’s a common experience for people. The stress of that is so nuts. This show is part of my work. I don’t generate a lot of money directly from the show every once in a while.

I have sponsors, but I’ve chosen not to be super focused on monetizing this show because I don’t want that to take away from the organic, authentic transparency. Working with sponsors for me doesn’t often feel that good unless they’re a laid-back company. I’ve been fortunate to work with mostly those on this show. It doesn’t always feel good to me, though, because it feels like I’m trying to please somebody. What I want to do is simultaneously please myself and you, the reader, who’s hopefully gaining something from learning about my experiences and the talks with the guests.

I’m feeling drained and I wish that I could take more time away from things. I probably will. Every day I feel I’m trying to maneuver around somehow and give myself space. I’m deeply fascinated by the fact that it never feels like enough recovery time. I believe that that’s got to be fairly universal and that’s bizarre. It makes me think, “Is there a way to recover and not feel stressed and burnt out fully? Do I have to restructure things?”

Even these past few days, I’m looking back and thinking I probably shouldn’t have socialized quite as much because it takes so much out of me. The weekends feel like a great time to socialize with people, but the weekends are the time I need to recharge. It’s rough. I have text messages building up that I’ve been struggling to respond to and feeling guilt over that but simultaneously feeling like, “You have to put yourself first.”

Food Reactions

I’ve been struggling a lot with reactions to food. I have had these intense food reactions. There’s part of me thinking I’m not even 100% sure that that’s what’s going on. I’ve been dealing with that for several years, maybe my whole life, but I’ve been very aware of it since it started getting bad for me in 2004 or 2005. It’s been quite a long time. I spent years going to doctors and trying to figure out what was wrong. People would say, “You have seasonal allergies. Take allergy medicine.” That’s never worked for me. I got tested for food allergies and was told I didn’t have any food allergies.

MGU 353 | Time To Recover

Time To Recover: It’s tough to navigate life when it feels like there’s one thing after another. Breaks feel nice but they don’t feel quite long enough to recover. They also make your to-do list pile up.


I tried all these things. I started experimenting with the gluten-free, soy-free diet for myself back in 2010 and my body completely changed. I felt remarkably better. It was this huge a-ha for me. It was interesting back then because the gluten-free diet was starting to become trendy. There were a lot of people thinking that if you eat gluten-free, you were doing it to be trendy, but you didn’t need to be gluten-free. I spent so much time thinking, “Is this all in my head?” I’ve also been super sensitive to legumes. Soy is the worst for me, but most legumes like chickpeas even. I love chickpeas, but any beans, all of that messes with my stomach and gives me bloating, gas, and intestinal discomfort.

Gluten makes my body feel inflamed and sometimes itchy. The sneezing comes from that, too. I also found out about almonds and corn. Those were my top four food sensitivities that I had to discover myself. I’ve spent all these years navigating around that, sometimes eating them to make sure that it wasn’t in my head and then immediately struggling well. One time on my road trip, I had this bizarre reaction that felt like a food reaction.

At first, I was like, “Is this COVID? What’s going on?” I tested negative for COVID. It seemed to be triggered immediately after I ate a meal that I’ve had many times and don’t usually react to. Since then, I’ve had that happen at least twice. It’s awful. My head gets fuzzy. I can’t think straight. I feel sick, not quite like a cold or flu. My head feels awful, like a head cold. I’ve been on this path to try to reset myself or see if I have developed another food sensitivity. It’s also been so exhausting and frustrating that it happens. The other bout of it happened on Saturday and it was so disheartening.

I hope that how I’m feeling is a combination of social burnout and physical burnout from food and stress like going to the dentist. I’m not somebody that normally gets nervous about going to the dentist, but I felt a lot of stress. I had to get fillings redone for the first time in ten years. He was a nice dentist. He encouraged me not to use any Novocaine for numbing my nerves. He said, “You can handle this without that if you would like to try.” I did. It wasn’t that bad, but the anticipation and the slight discomfort of the dental work were also draining and intense for me.

It’s interesting when you add up all of these things for me, they simultaneously feel intense and stressful. I look back and think, “That wasn’t that big of a deal relatively.” As I’ve been feeling and processing all that, I wish it was more socially acceptable to recover from these things, not just keep moving forward all the time. It’s interesting for me, too, because since I work freelance and have clients with a lot of flexibility, I can virtually work when I want to.

Generally, to give you a little behind the scenes, I oversee one of my client’s social media strategies. I have a team that works with me. I have to check in with them and they depend on me. I haven’t done that work in days. After I finish this episode, after 1:00 AM, I’m going to be checking in on that work and probably have to do a little bit of it. I don’t want to let them down because I don’t want it to have a ripple effect on their work.

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That’s important to keep in mind how things impact you. At the same time, wouldn’t it be nice if I could say to them, “I’m not feeling that well?” I certainly could do that. In my head, at least, I figure they expect you to be ready the next day to work. You take a day off. This is how it was when I used to work full time in retail. It was totally cool if you called in sick, but they almost always expect you to be back the next day. Unless you’re very sick, most people would take a day off and then back to business as usual. That’s bizarre.

We have this strange culture where even when we need to rest and recover, it still feels not socially acceptable to take numerous days off. It doesn’t feel comfortable for most of us. I’m speaking for myself, but I’m also generalizing based on what other people have shared. It’s like, “I’m not that sick. I’m going to push through it. I’m not that tired. I’m going to push through it. I can get this done.” It’s that constant pushing through. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to recover. We never truly recover because we have to be pushing forward all the time constantly.

It’s things like that the more that I understand capitalism, the more I’m deeply disturbed by all this. Even the horrible tragedy, the school shooting that happened in Texas in May 2022, there are so many people posting on TikTok. Interestingly enough, to post things like this on social media of, “Are we expected to go about life as normal, even though this awful tragedy happened?” You could say that about so many things. First of all, there are so many shootings that happen all the time. There is violence happening all around there. There are individual experiences of tragedy.

Processing Through Social Media

That’s constantly around us, yet our society is like, “Take time off to go to the funeral. Take a few hours off to process a horrible thing you saw on the news, but get back to work as quickly as possible.” Sometimes when I step back to examine it, I find it so strange, even the social media side of it, too. I find that social media can be a great place to come together to talk about these challenging things. It also feels a little weird to post on social media for the same reason because maybe it would be better for us if we took the time to process it on our own. Maybe it would be better for us if we took the time to connect with our loved ones. Why do we feel the need to post on social media for strangers?

I understand that some people process well that way. I can relate to that clearly with a show. I process a lot through sharing out loud. It can sometimes border that performative or the mentality we have to share every part of our lives. That’s something I also reflect upon so much, especially with TikTok. It’s interesting how many people share these little vlogs of their life. I was thinking back to when I used to vlog as I was binge-watching TikTok.

Podcasting has taken over for this. Me sharing about my dentist and what the last few days have been like for me is almost like a verbal vlog. When I vlogged on YouTube, there weren’t seemingly a ton of people doing it. It was pretty rare. I didn’t have friends that vlogged unless they also considered themselves YouTubers. With TikTok, my sister vlogs. Everybody’s vlogging with these short little clips of their days. It’s interesting sometimes. I think about how we spend so much time capturing all these little moments so that we can put them together in a video to share with a ton of strangers.

MGU 353 | Time To Recover

Time To Recover: It should be more socially acceptable to just recover from being social. Going out four days in a row needs some recovery. People should be able to just stop moving forward all the time.


If the average person is doing that, it’s almost strange because before, it was your career. For me, when I was making YouTube my career, that was work and it was a ton of my personal life. That was a rare thing to do. I was thinking of it as my job. I’m doing it to entertain or educate people, whatever the purpose would be. If everybody’s doing that, then it starts to lose its value but becomes increasingly odd and disconnected. Now many people feel like they can’t do things without recording them.

A concert is such a great example. When I went to the concert in May 2022, I was on my trip. I was trying so hard not to record that concert, but I kept finding myself taking my phone out to take pictures and videos. For what reason? I had to keep my phone down as much as possible intentionally. I had to intentionally sit there, absorb the experience, and take it in. That’s strange. I step back and think about that. Maybe I have that tendency because I’ve spent so much of my life documenting it as being a content creator.

So many people are content creators. Even if they don’t want that to be their career, it’s a hobby or it’s because maybe people feel good getting validation or they feel they want everybody to know what’s going on in their lives. It becomes this compulsion to share everything, share all of our thoughts and moments. I find myself going in the opposite direction. I’m like, “What if I just did the show and didn’t create any other content?”

I paused the newsletter for This Might Get Uncomfortable on Wellevatr. I also haven’t posted on Instagram in a few weeks or probably over a month because neither one of them was resonating with me. I mainly wanted to find out, “Can I make them resonate with me because what’s the point if they don’t?” I found myself dreading sending my newsletter. I started sending it every other week. I thought, “Maybe I’ll move to monthly.” I then thought, “Does anybody care about the newsletter?” That’s a question for you. Do you look forward to it? If you don’t, what’s the point?

Newsletters can be great. I subscribe to a bunch, but most of them, I don’t read. I have this whole system for marking my newsletters. In my email inbox, I have different colored flags as part of my organizational structure. All my newsletters get marked a certain color. I even have the different folders for reading later. There’s one in particular that I never read. For some reason, I haven’t been able to get myself to unsubscribe from it. I have that FOMO of, “What if one day it feels valuable?” What if I want to go back to this archive?

Finding Motivation

What if most people feel that way about my newsletter, then what’s the point in sending it? This is where I get so stuck with work. I have these moments even with the show. When I was feeling all this resistance to do it simply because I felt tired, I found myself going, “Do I want to keep doing the show?” Generally, the answer is yes, but there are certainly moments where I question it. I wonder, “Does this have any value? Is there a point to it?”

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Conforming To Society

A lot of it is that I enjoy having the show. It feels easy for me. I have all this momentum after years of doing it. I learn a lot. There are benefits for me, hopefully for you, too. Certainly, there are times when I question it and with social media, too. The biggest motivation for me for social media is to honor the guests that come on the show. I feel most people could care less if I post on Instagram. You might not even know this, but generally, every Friday, I post a video clip of the guest and it takes me time.

I have to download the video, put it into my editing program, and find clips. I usually edit them together. I got to make them under 60 seconds for Instagram reels. I export them from my computer, put them on my phone, make captions, and do all that. For Instagram reels, I personally want them to look visually nice. I go into Canva and make the different graphics. I have to export that from Canva. I have to write a caption for it and tag the person. I’ve got the whole process down. I could probably do it in half an hour, but it’s still a lot. That drains me. It’s not just the time. It’s draining for me.

I’ve thought I could hire somebody or see if the team would do it for me. I worry that it won’t be up to the quality. I’m thinking about all this energy, time, and mental processing. I’m wondering, “Does anybody care that much?” I get super stuck there. What’s the point of doing some of these things if people don’t care? That’s probably the question I keep coming back to over and over again. Why does this matter? Do I care? Do other people care? Is this important? Is this necessary? Is this urgent? So much stuff that comes down to, “No, it doesn’t matter. No, this isn’t urgent. No, this isn’t important.” The trouble becomes if you add up all those noes, life can start to feel like nothing matters. That is scary.

I was also thinking about how it almost sounds depressing. Finding purpose, motivation, and inspiration in life is so important. I’ve certainly come down to a few key things that matter to me, freedom and flexibility matter. I don’t want to feel constrained. I generally don’t want to be told what to do. I want to feel fluid. The episode that I did and decided not to release was a lot about being fluid and feeling like I’ve spent so much of my life told that I can’t be who I am. I find that sad for myself and anybody else who has experienced or continues to experience that. It’s a lot of people.

Fluidity & Pleasure

Freedom, flexibility, fluidity, finding pleasure, and feeling happy, excited, and stimulated are important. This is a reason that I allow myself to indulge in TikTok. For me, I can feel it stimulating my brain. I can tell when I’m going through a low point. This might be an ADHD thing as I’ve learned more about this, looking for stimulation. Before I even understood my brain worked like this, I would find myself in these slumps feeling awful and ruminating and how low I felt. I would get stuck in these cycles of lowness. Now when I feel that, I say, “Scrolling through TikTok for a bit will stimulate my brain.”

Drinking a cup of coffee brings me pleasure from the caffeine and the whole experience. Certain foods stimulate me. I can find myself looking for stimulation like a jolt so that I can rev myself up. I also wonder, “Would rest be a better option.” I don’t think it’s not about taking a nap. Although I did take on and it felt amazing. It was like a two-hour nap. I’m not a 30-minute napper. I’ve never been able to nap for 30 minutes and feel good. I like a deep sleep, several hours long type of nap. I don’t do it very much. It felt good, yet I still feel very tired and a bit on the burnout spectrum.

MGU 353 | Time To Recover

Time To Recover: Social media can be a really great place to come together to talk about challenging things. But at the same time, it also feels a little weird to post on social media for the same reason.


My point being is I give myself those jolts of pleasure. The dopamine hits because it feels good. I start to look for parts of life that can jolt me into a feel-good state for a bit and have that fluidity to say, “I’m feeling low,” instead of pushing through and continuing to feel low but doing things anyway. I’m going to pause things and go do something that makes me feel good. I didn’t always have that flexibility and freedom in work. I didn’t always allow myself that personally. I would feel guilty for that. I would feel that wasn’t right.

I was on medication. I’d talk publicly or on an episode about taking some prescribed medication. I started that in July 2021. I went off of it. I stopped either in April or May of 2022 because I felt it wasn’t having enough of an impact to justify taking pharmaceuticals. I didn’t feel shame in it, but I’m not somebody that wants to take that. I started to pay more attention to myself and what I needed and try to see what can I do to support myself in a deeper way, not just take the shortcut as I was. There was no shame or guilt.

In fact, that experience with pharmaceutical drugs connected me to other people. I ended up having a lot of deep conversations with other people that chose to go on medication. I feel a lot of the stigma has been dropped. I learned a lot about the effects and the different types of medication and all of that. For me, it was a way to push through. I don’t want to go through my life pushing through, covering things up, and bypassing. I want to dig in and find deeper solutions for myself, unmasking and being myself.

That was the episode that was supposed to be this one. It was about revealing my true identity. Who am I? I was asking that question a lot, being a bit unsure about who I am, feeling odd, and wondering how many people don’t know who they are because they’ve gone through life as people-pleasers. Perhaps they’ve masked, coped, and abided by the rules. They’ve done all these things to survive. They want to meet the status quo. Maybe they don’t feel they have a choice.

How Do You Deal With Recovery?

Many people struggle with that. They wonder how many people know who they are. Maybe that lack of not knowing who we are makes it hard for us to find our purpose. It makes life feel like it doesn’t matter. If we don’t know who we are, we can easily feel lost, confused, and unhappy without knowing why. I’m embracing more and more as much as possible and looking for opportunities in all my work. In an ideal world, I would truly be fluid. Being fluid includes time flexibility.

Ideally, if I had no clients that had to work on a certain schedule, I don’t even know if that’s possible with the work that I do. I sometimes dream of an open span of time of having no commitments. You probably dream of that, too. Who doesn’t? It would be interesting. Can you live your life that way? Maybe if you have a lot of money. I’m not saying money is the answer to everything. If we have bills to pay, food, and all these expenses that we have to get by in life, it usually requires us to work or have money already.

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If you have a lot of money saved up, you were given money, or whatever the circumstance was, I’m sure you could probably go a significant portion of time with never having to turn your alarm clock on, not even having to look at your calendar to-do list. I’ve always dreamed of that. I’m closer to that than I ever have been in my life, but still feel constrained, pressured and do not have the flexibility to recover fully.

Another thing that came up with my dentist is how I should wear a night guard because I have been grinding my teeth. I also have some TMJ issues. It’s so interesting to think about that like, “How much stress am I carrying in my body that I don’t even recognize?” I ask all these questions back to you as usual. It’s rare that people message me as follow-ups to these episodes but the invitation is always there for you. I love getting messages. Although I do go through phases where it’s incredibly hard for me to respond. I’m in one of those where even thinking about responding to emails, direct messages, and texts are extremely overwhelming.

I always want to be very transparent that it often takes me quite some time to respond. I wonder, “Does that get in the way of people reaching out to me?” I love getting messages so much. I will always say I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this. What’s your relationship to time? Do you feel stressed and burnt out? Do you feel tired? Do you feel able to really rest? Have you ever had an experience where you could deeply recover? Even on that note, it feels almost impossible. I think about all the things that can come up in life. It’s so tough.

I want to explore more about deep recovery and sustainable recovery. Do we even need it? Is it beneficial? What would that feel like? I don’t just mean a weekend, a week, or a month. Even the things that people do to recover generally involve so much action. People go on vacations. You spend a lot of money. You probably don’t want to sleep the whole vacation. You go and do all these activities. That’s generally how I am. I travel more and more. Every trip usually takes me a week to recover from that trip. That puts me even further away from everything else that I want to get back into.

That’s why I don’t know I’ve ever experienced deep recovery. Have you? How do you feel about that? I would be very curious to hear about it. You can email me. You can direct message me on your platform of choice either at Wellevatr or at @WhitLauritsen. Email and direct messages are the best ways to reach me. If you find another way that I’m reachable and not thinking about with my tired brain, feel free.

If you ever want a response from me and I haven’t responded yet, I wish I could tell everybody, including myself, not to take things personally. It’s a good lesson whenever I can’t respond to people. I need to keep that in mind when someone doesn’t respond to me, but you can always follow up with me. It’s never annoying, a gentle nudge of, “I’d love to hear back from you.” That’s helpful to me.

Lastly, the other great way, in fact, the best way to connect with me these days is through Beyond Measure, the private community that I’ve been working on for a few years. We generally meet once a week as a group. Anybody is welcome. It has been free. I will be eventually charging a small membership rate or due for it to cover my costs. There will be a free trial. Regardless if you’re reading this, you’re interested, and you haven’t joined yet, you can come and join it for free. Check it out. Come connect with other people and me through either the messaging system there. It’s like a forum chat.

MGU 353 | Time To Recover

Time To Recover: What’s the point of doing some things if people don’t really care? Is it important? Is it necessary? Then the trouble becomes, if you add up all those, life can start to feel like nothing matters.


You could go and post like you do on Facebook or chat Messenger boards. We also have our weekly live video calls. You can come and connect with me. They bring me deep joy because I get to know people yourself. People become friends through it. It’s magical, in my opinion. That is a great way. If you want to hear from me quickly and connect with me deeply, I encourage you to check out Beyond Measure. You can message me and say, “I need a link to Beyond Measure. Can you send it to me?”

There are so many ways to find things. My other goal is I want to streamline everything into one simpler place. I want to minimalize, streamline, simplify things, and put it all in one place. That’s another goal of mine when I have the energy to make all that happen. I’m going to go wrap up my night. Thanks so much for reading, as always. I’ll be back with another guest episode. Until then, I wish you all the very best. Hopefully, you get some rest and recovery in the next few days.


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