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Podcast Guest Overview

Please read before booking

Podcast Description:

Exploring the nuances of mental health, emotional wellness, and life purpose through meaningful conversation with interesting, diverse, and open-hearted individuals.

Previous guest episodes can be found here.

Recording Format:

Host Whitney Lauritsen enjoys delving deeply into the perspectives and experiences shared by her guests.

There are no pre-planned questions nor does she employ a conventional interviewing method.

Instead, she prefers to keep things genuine and informal, providing space for a conversation to develop naturally.

The only preparation required is a clear topic that aligns to the show’s description.

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Recording Timeline:

From beginning to end, the recording typically takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours. It’s important that guests are available for at least 90 minutes so as not to rush the process.

Here’s what this time entails:
  • Guest and Whitney chat beforehand to get acquainted (+/- 15 minutes)
  • Whitney tests and optimizes the guest’s audio & video (+/- 15 minutes)
  • Together they record a fantastic discussion via Zencastr (+/- 60 minutes)
MGU 396 | Podcasting Career

Equipment Requirements:

Guests must have a high-quality, computer-connectable microphone, such as the Blue Yeti, and a pair of headphones.
Please note:
  • Bluetooth headphones, such as AirPods, and internal computer microphones do not create high-quality sound. However, wired headphones suffice if the guest does not have access to another microphone.
  • If the guest needs to use a phone or other mobile device to record, please give Whitney a heads up as she’ll need to send specific instructions for this.
  • There will be a video and audio recording.
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Contact Details:

A calendar invite will be sent to the email addresses provided on the scheduling form after the guest has been confirmed for the show.

  • If you’re booking for a client, Whitney requests that you provide the guest’s email address along with your own in this calendar invite to prevent miscommunication.
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Episode Marketing:

There are numerous effective strategies to increase listenership and awareness of the episode, including social media, newsletters, a website, a podcast, etc.

  • Guests receive a link to the episode’s blog post along with a customized graphic and the opportunity to request vertical video clips.


  • Note: Whitney is currently concentrating on SEO and community interaction instead of focusing on social media and newsletter promotion. As of 2023, she has paused posting on platforms like Instagram.

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