MGU 251 | Astral Projection


For the longest time, astral projection has been a mystery that piqued the interest of many people throughout history. The ability to go beyond your physical and mental limitations has been subject to a lot of studies and conspiracy theories for years. But, what if this unexplained phenomenon is turned into an espionage weapon? Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen delve into the possibility of the CIA using these out-of-the-body experiences to carry out well-targeted spy missions and even dabble in mind control. They also discuss humanity’s unending curiosity about the craziest and maddening things in the world. Jason and Whitney talk about the music industry’s perspective on using autotune, how the slightest tunes can affect your thinking, and how a visit to the world’s quietest room may look like.

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How Astral Projection Connects Science, Spirituality, and Religion Together

I’ve wanted to talk about this subject for quite some time. I read this article that we’re going to be referencing on this episode of This Might Get Uncomfortable. I found this episode’s subject through social media. Like a lot of things, we always reference gems that we find on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Before we get into our subject, I don’t label myself as a conspiracy theorist or someone who gets into the government is out to kill us, enslave humanity, and destroy everything, although they do have a track record of some pretty shady things. That’s irrefutable.

All of that being said, I have been constantly fascinated for many years with the idea of the ability to leave one’s body. Some people call it out of body experiences. Some people refer to it as astral projection. Some people have talked about remote viewing. To give a little bit of context about what we’re going to talk about, years ago, I remember hearing about a lot of interesting government experiments. Whitney, the first one that comes to mind is something called MKUltra.

MGU 251 | Astral Projection

Astral Projection: The Absolute is essentially the governing energy of all things. The government believes that everyone is living in a universal hologram that covers everything in the universe.


For decades, the government has been doing a mixture of looking at how people’s psychology and minds respond to things like psychedelics like remote viewing. The MKUltra experiment was about mind control and thinking about how we can manipulate people’s minds. All of this is to say, this article on came out that there was a CIA report that was released in the past called The Gateway Report on Astral Projection. The fascinating thing, Whitney, was that one page was left intentionally missing out of this report. You could get this report online but anyone who was into this and found the report was driven crazy because there was one page missing. Guess what? Page 25 of the CIA’s analysis and assessment of the gateway process got released. Everyone’s like, “Big deal.”

Undergoing float tank therapy allows for an extremely deep state of meditation that may make you feel like you're in a different body. Share on X

Here’s the deal. This is an incredibly long article on Vice. I’m not going to read this verbatim. I’m not even going to attempt to do this. In 1983, this document was produced by Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonnell. The report was completely declassified in 2003. This entire report from the CIA is a tour-de-force investigation into the potential achievability for humans to achieve astral projection in 28 dense, heady pages. The whole idea here was the specter hung over the report since it was released to the public in 2003. Finally, the version was released with this extremely crucial page.

I want to geek out on this. Astral projection is interchangeable with the terminology of an out-of-body experience and remote viewing, which I referenced. With the right guidance, prompts, and technologies, some people believe that we can train ourselves and our consciousness to move beyond the confines of this space-time Earth dimension. Practicing this ability frees our human minds to travel through the universe, exploring a seemingly endless array of normally imperceptible realities, and alternate dimensions.

The intention of this report of the CIA, Whitney, was to try to construct a scientifically valid and reasonably lucid model of how human consciousness functions. We’ve talked about consciousness in previous episodes. I love geeking out on this. The purpose of this report was to show how practicing out-of-body states can be implemented in the language of physical science and take it out of the realm of esoteric occult connotations. This could be a scientifically proven thing that we could choose to leave our bodies.

MGU 251 | Astral Projection

Astral Projection: If psychedelic drugs that expand human consciousness around the world are not considered illegal, everyone may be operating differently as a human race.


The US Army got ahold of this. They were training soldiers to practice this, Whitney, to be able to leave their bodies to spy on other soldiers and other governments in other countries. The army and the CIA we’re training soldiers to practice leaving their bodies to go and spy on other people out of their bodies. It’s trippy. Before I hand it back to you when you because I realize I’m putting so much out here, in the well-being space, the esoteric healing art, we talk a lot about hypnosis, meditation, holograms, biofeedback, quantum physics. This report from the government gets into all that. The woo-woo side of things that we would label woo-woo, the government was way up in that.

The fascinating thing about page 25, this missing page that came out is it talks about how the universe, they call it the Absolute, is essentially the governing energy of all things. The government believes that we’re living in a hologram. There’s a universal hologram that covers all of everything in the universe. The report also tries to make attempts to visualize the Absolute as this egg, this one big flowing spiral that never ends. The report gets into linking this between the Holy Spirit of Christianity, the Hellenic world’s labyrinth archetype, the Hebrew tree, the Hindu arts. It’s this surprising report that ties in spirituality, religion, and science. This is the last thing that I expected the government to release but it’s interesting to see the merger of this.

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Because I’ve read page 25, this is the part that trips me the hell out. The last thing I want to say is the Department of Defense got involved and suggested that if the military were to continue to experiment with this, it could find a practical application for military operations. We leave our bodies, we can spy on other people and get information. The report noted, “People should be prepared intellectually to react to possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporeal energy forms when spacetime boundaries are exceeded.”

It’s saying that if we’re training you to leave your body and you meet non-physical entities in other dimensions, you should probably be prepared to meet whatever they are, energy forms, creatures, aliens. It’s trippy as hell. First of all, I’m curious if you’ve ever dabbled in this idea of leaving your body or if you’ve ever had an out-of-body experience. How do this land for you, this idea that the government has been experimenting with going to different dimensions, leaving the human body, and everything I mentioned? Are you as geeked out on this as I am because it’s trippy as hell?

It’s cool and it reminds me of Stranger Things. Have you ever watched that, Jason?

No. It’s on that infinite list of things that people are like, “You need to watch this.” I never got into it.

I looked it up because it sounded a lot like something that happens to one of the main characters. It’s what they do in the show. I don’t want to spoil it for you, Jason. It does involve that and involves experiments and this laboratory testing out astral projection. You would geek out over that, especially since the first season of the show is cool. You’d like it in general because it’s based in the late ‘80s. It’s got great music and it’s got a lot of nostalgia. It’s fascinating. It also has cool monsters. I’m shocked that you haven’t seen it.

It’s on the list.

You don’t watch content nearly as frequently as I do. I’m sucking it all up all the time. I’m always watching something and you’re oftentimes months or years behind. That’s okay. At least you have it to look forward to. I did find another article on Vice from 2016 and the title is I Tried Astral Projection in a Flotation Tank. Have you read this one, Jason?

No. I’ve done float tank therapy many times. Before you get into it, I have had experiences in float tanks pretty consistently where I forget that I have a body. This is a thing about float tank therapy. I didn’t feel like I was hovering above the tank or leaving my body but it was almost such a state of inwardness that I have had the thought, “I’m still in my body.” It’s not the same but it’s interesting you bring up flotation tanks because I feel like it’s such a deep state of meditation for me that I forget that I’m in a body, different but somewhat related body.

Maybe it’s worth looking into it, doing it again, and experimenting. It’s like that episode we did about lucid dreaming. I’m not geeking out about it as much as you are. I find it fascinating but I don’t have enough information. It’s interesting. It’s not something that I’ve yearned to do but I’m curious about it. As we talked about in the lucid dreaming episode, it’s neat to be able to experience different things. This is part of the reason where some people are drawn to drugs. It’s entertaining. Beyond entertainment, how does it serve us?

You pointed out the way that the government might use it to do certain things. That’s part of the theme of Stranger Things, which you would find fascinating. Knowing that gives me a little bit of the creeps. It also brings up this idea, Jason, of wondering how much we’re capable of as human beings that we don’t even realize. There’s that idea that we don’t use our full brain-power, which I can’t remember if that’s been proven to be true or if that’s a myth. It’s fascinating to think about what limits we set and going to this nature versus nurture conversation. Have we been nurtured out of not even realizing what we’re fully capable of?

A show like Stranger Things, the character that is involved in this testing, I always perceived it as that she had these powers and maybe she does. I also wonder, was she nurtured into it? Was she experimented on? Did they train her in ways that maybe everybody is capable of doing but they haven’t learned it yet? That’s a big theme in TV shows. There are many TV shows and movies about people recognizing their powers that they never knew they had. We’re fascinated with witches and this whole world of magic. We’re fascinated with all the superhuman and superhero movies and TV shows. I wonder if it’s this human curiosity and yet how many people don’t even explore it enough because they’re conditioned into believing that they have many limits.

There are the outliers who are not afraid to explore their limits and they dig into all of these things. They want to figure it all out. We often see them as weird people but maybe they’re onto something that we’ve been trained to believe is weird. That fascinates me. I’m curious. In general, human beings tend to be curious about things that seem to be a secret like UFOs and all these different conspiracy theories. We tend to want to find out the truth and that’s a cool element of our existence.

It can get a little tricky because there’s a fine line between that and madness, going down this rabbit hole of believing something without fully knowing if it’s true and how much does that affect your life. Are you obsessed with something that you can never prove? Are you obsessed with something that no one else is ever going to believe? We truly never know if it’s going to turn out to be true. One thing I’ve observed in my lifetime is the number of times that something has been believed by our society and then somebody is able to prove it. Suddenly, everybody has to change their worldview.

I was going to use the example of the world is flat but some people still believe that’s true. It’s interesting. I’ve listened to debates about it. I do see how somebody could believe those things. There are several things in a conspiracy world that seems believable. I’ve certainly gone down the rabbit hole to try to understand it and then I find myself coming back to where I was before. I don’t know if that’s out of comfort. It begins to affect us a lot when it polarizes us too much.

As we’ve talked about on the show, I’m not a big fan of this side versus that side. Even though I might be on a side, I don’t want to cut the other side down and make them seem like they’re wrong and I’m right or I’m good and they’re bad. A lot of these things you’re describing are interesting to think about, to ponder, to be curious about, and not necessarily be obsessed with unless that’s an important thing for you.

MGU 251 | Astral Projection

Journeys Out of the Body: The Classic Work on Out-of-Body Experience

It does also remind me of another show that I encourage you to watch, Jason, on Netflix called. I watched an episode on auto-tune. What’s interesting about that episode is that it was designed by somebody who figured out how to automatically tune people’s vocals, which was a fun experiment. The guy didn’t expect it to do much but a few people used it successfully and it took off. It then became a huge issue in the music industry because some musicians felt like it was too much of a shortcut. Some people benefited from the shortcut because it saves a lot of time in the production process. Time equals money and thus people were able to figure things out quicker. Maybe it’s not as natural but it was also used in creative ways. Now it’s a commonplace and accessible.

One of the interesting things in that story is how T-Pain was using it in the early 2000s and he was bullied for using it. In fact, he was shamed. Jason, I don’t know if you knew this. Specifically, Usher, who we’ve mentioned before as an aside. We have inside jokes about Usher’s music. Usher approached T-Pain and said, “This is awful. You’re ruining the music industry. You shouldn’t be doing this.” He was ashamed, Jason, from that conversation from Usher that he stopped making music for years and carried around all this depression, sadness, and anxiety about making music. He was completely bullied by the industry and people tearing him apart all the time. He went through a lot of hardship simply because he was playing around with this auto-tune feature.

Nowadays, it’s common. It went to a place where people started to embrace auto-tune. He made the point how sometimes, if you’re the first person to do something, you are made fun of and looked down upon. The second person to do it, suddenly, they’re this big deal and they’re brilliant and adventurous with it. You see that all the time. You see examples of someone that’s seen as crazy but then if it somehow makes it into the mainstream, suddenly, it’s cool. That original person never gets the credit or the redemption unless it’s brought to light in a documentary like this right or a major media push.

It ties into this idea, Jason, of something seeming crazy and out of the ordinary and how can you do that in this human desire to say, “We don’t do those things. That’s not how we do them.” That limits us from experiencing new things, experimenting with those new things, and even seeing what’s possible. It’s important to give credit to the people that are willing to be ridiculed because they are passionate about something. Jason, you’ll love that episode because T-Pain spent a long time looking for that software after he heard it for the first time. He said that he heard it on the radio station when J.Lo was using it.

At the time, it wasn’t in the mainstream. People weren’t talking about auto-tune. It was something that a few producers were using. He heard it and went on a quest to find out what the tool was. I thought that was an important element of the story because it wasn’t like he lazily tried something and it worked and he was like, “I’m going to keep doing this.” He was passionate about it. He went on to seek it out. He got excited that he said that he cried when he finally discovered the auto-tune tool and was willing to put himself in a place of being made fun of because he enjoyed using it. To me, it’s not that different from something like astral projection. If somebody wants to go try it, people might think that they’re crazy about it. What’s the harm? Unless the government is using that in some horrible way.

It also makes me wonder the actual reasons why we’ve been withheld a lot of information about these things. When I think about psychedelic drugs, I think about LSD, ayahuasca, iboga, MDMA, and psilocybin. These plant medicines, whether they’re natural or they’re synthesized in the laboratory, have the ability to expand our consciousness. I believe they do. They have the ability to increase our awareness and our knowledge of ourselves. It’s my opinion. It’s not scientifically verified that a lot of these things are illegal, not because of the risk of abuse.

If you look at consciousness-expanding drugs, they don’t have nearly the level of potential for addiction as something like cocaine, heroin, or alcohol for that matter, which is a legal drug. Alcohol is fine because we can monetize that and make a ton of money. That drug is okay. Cigarettes are okay. Actual drugs that expand your self-awareness and maybe even your level of consciousness, we’re going to make those illegal. Why? Maybe they don’t want an expanded human consciousness around the world. If people’s consciousness were expanded, maybe we would be operating differently on this planet as a human race. That’s my opinion. I have no verification. When I break through it and I look at what drugs are illegal and what drugs are illegal, it’s like, “I wonder why we chose those. It’s fascinating.”

On that point of self-awareness, in this article referencing the CIA research, I talked about how they refer to the universe as the Absolute. They call it the Cosmic Egg. They’re saying that this whole conceptual thing is irrelevant until we possess knowledge of ourselves. This idea of knowing thyself is the sense of self-perception achieved when a person can manage to alter their state of consciousness to the point where they say the universal hologram itself can be perceived.

Interestingly enough, Whitney, you talked about the flotation tank. I’ve never done this. There’s this thing called Hemi-Sync. It was an audio technology developed by a guy named Robert Monroe in the 1970s who developed a huge company to study the effect of sound and vibration on human consciousness. He wrote a few books and one of the biggest ones is called Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe. This company still exists. It is now called The Monroe Institute. It’s using binaural beats and hemispheric synchronization where they put electrical brain patterns that are stimulated by the music so that both the left and right hemispheres of your brain are equal in amplitude and frequency.

They’re saying that through these sound waves, these frequencies that sync the hemispheres of your brain, you can click out of this dimension and have an out of body experience through this Hemi-Sync amplitude modulation. It’s fascinating. I’m a huge fan of music. I love the idea of what sound does to the body. We can agree that when you put a certain piece of music on, you can feel depressed, angry, joyful, hopeful. We know the effect of sound vibration on the human consciousness is a real thing.

To piggyback what you were saying about music, Whit, you know that when you put a song on, it’s probably how it’s going to make you feel, “I’m feeling low. I’m feeling for Lauren. I want to listen to a love song about longing. I want to get up.” I mentioned the playlist I created about all my happiest songs. When I put that playlist on when I’m having a crappy day, I feel better. Why? It’s because that vibration of the music is affecting my consciousness.

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This part of the report about using Hemi-Sync technology and sound waves to achieve this out-of-body experience is fascinating. I want to do it. I haven’t played too much around sinking my hemispheres. I’ve listened to binaural beats and I’ve listened to different meditation tracks online. This seems to be a specific combination of sounds and beats that links your hemispheres together, which I’ve personally never done and I’m fascinated to try it, especially as a musician.

I’m glad that you brought this up because I’ve been using music to help me focus. I came across a great channel. YouTube has a plethora of binaural beats and other resources like that, Jason. I was thinking about this because there are many of them. I realized that a lot of people would profit off of this. It’s becoming such a popular study tool for college students, specifically. They will go on to YouTube and they’ll find a 3-hour long, 10-hour long track. Sometimes they have atmospheres. I’ve also checked those out where it’ll have imagery that makes it look like you’re in a cafe.

Thinking about it makes me feel something. They impact me emotionally. There are some that are rainy-day jazz café. You’re transported there. There’s something for anything that you could want, Jason. You could see how this could turn into a VR thing. Although, if you’re using it to study, that’d be a little tricky. They’ll have the sound of people talking, making coffee, someone playing the piano, or the rain coming down. The whole atmosphere is there. There are also all these binaural beats and they tell you the hertz and all that stuff.

It depends who’s making them because what you’re describing is science and it’s particular. Some people say that all that stuff is BS but maybe it depends on specific factors. To your point, the headphones you’re wearing. Most of those tracks encourage you to wear headphones so that you get the whole sensory sensation. It also depends on the quality of your headphones. What are they able to pick up on? What’s the volume? Are there other things around you distracting you? It’s important to understand more of the factors if you’re looking for a deeper experience. Jason, it might even be a placebo effect. I listened to this specific YouTube channel. I was focused on some things and it completely changed my state. It was one of the best I found. It had the perfect combination of things and this guy’s channel has been around since 2012.

The power of music in general, Whitney, is such a fascinating thing, especially in terms of how it affects our consciousness. I go back to the experiences that I’ve had with my psychedelic experiences. For any of the readers, we have a two-episode series that was in the first six months of this podcast where I talked about my experience with ayahuasca and other psychedelics. One of the trippiest parts of my experience with ayahuasca, Whitney, was the music that they played during the ceremony. There were sounds that were being played that I had never heard before. I couldn’t identify the instruments. I didn’t know if the voices were human, alien, or animal. It was one of the strangest experiences with music I’ve ever had in my life.

I remember when the music started during the experience, I had this sensation like I was sinking through the floor. If you want to talk about the out-of-body experience, I had this sensation that I was going to sink through the floor. It’s the intention and the vibration of how we do things with music in the frequency and the hertz at which things vibrate. I remember years ago, when I first got into music, the standard for tuning music is essentially A440, which stands for 440Hz. That was not always the case in recorded music. Back in the day, they would interchangeably use 432Hz or even, in some cases, 428Hz.

There’s a whole set of conspiracy theories around why that changed and what the vibration of 440Hz does to us on a cellular level versus 432Hz or 428Hz. We could probably dedicate a whole separate episode to that. It is interesting how minor tweaks in the frequency of vibration of music can affect us differently. I’ve had profound experiences with consciousness depending on the music that’s being played to the point that during some of my psychedelic ceremonies, I was like, “I don’t even know what this music is.” It was exciting and also terrifying.

MGU 251 | Astral Projection

Astral Projection: It is interesting how minor tweaks in the frequency of vibration of music can affect you, from how you act to the way you feel.


Mostly, I feel excited and fascinated. The terrifying element reminds me of that room that is soundproof that you can hear your body in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

I love that you brought this up. You want to talk about trippy as hell. The quietest place on planet Earth is the Anechoic chamber at the Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota. It is quiet that the longest anybody has been able to bear being inside the room is 45 minutes long. You feel like you’re being tortured. There’s an article on the Smithsonian about this. If you are in the room for too long, the longest is 45 minutes, you will hear your heart beating. You can hear your lungs. I love that you brought this up because when I heard about this no sound room years ago, I flipped out and wanted to go.

The name of it is the Anechoic chamber at the in Minnesota. This room is quiet that the longest any human being has been able to bear being inside of it is 45 minutes straight. The room is so silent that the background noise is measured at -9.4 decibels. The founder of the lab said, “We challenge people to sit in the chamber in the dark. One person stayed in there for 45 minutes. When it’s quiet, your ears adapt. The quieter the room, the more things you hear.” You hear your heart beating. You hear your lungs operating. You hear your stomach gurgling loudly. Some people can hear their blood moving through their veins, Whitney. Can you imagine? I can’t even conceive of that. It’s so quiet that you become the sound. All of your body functions become the sound.

I want to go because people can’t even take it. It’s quiet that people start to lose their minds inside the room. Sign me up. I want to try it. I want to know what the sound of the blood rushing through my veins sounds like. That’s what it is, it’s the anechoic chamber in the Orfield Laboratory in Minnesota, which is still open. Companies test their products in the room to see how loud they are. NASA has sent astronauts to help them adapt to the silence of being in space. It’s quiet that people feel disoriented and they have trouble standing. It screws with your balance. If you’re in there for more than a half-hour, you have to sit down in a chair. That sounds crazy to me. They have tours.

You better come on my road trip because I’m going to Minnesota.

Whitney, you have to go. There are three options.

Is it already open?


How much does it cost to go?

We have Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, reservations only. The tour starts at $125 per person. They have the Orfield Challenge. It’s $600 per hour per person and you will be charged for the time you want to attempt whether you succeed or not. The minimum time for this record challenge is one hour and additional time is in one-hour increments. A certificate of time achieved will be sent to you. If you attempt this record, please do not expose yourself to loud sounds and music for a week prior to your visit. Loud sounds we’ll call a temporary threshold shift that will reduce your hearing sensitivity and your enjoyment of listening to the quiet sounds of your body like your heartbeat, joint movements, and airflow from your lungs. If you break more than an hour, they’ll give you your money back. If you don’t, you owe them $600. I want to do this. I don’t know about you but this sounds crazy as hell. Whitney, I don’t know if you’re going to go. Maybe you and I will take a road trip to do it because I’ve never been to Minneapolis. This has now become a bucket list item for me.

It’s funny now that you’ve presented this option to me, Jason. I feel nervous. Maybe I don’t want to do this.

Why, though?

I don’t know. Something about it also scares me. This idea of most people can’t handle it and they’re going to go crazy, I’m like, “Do I want to submit myself to that?” I’d be interested in five minutes and then I’d be like, “I’ve had enough.” I don’t know if spending $100 or something for a five-minute experience is the best use of my money. I’m not going to rule it out. Let’s put it on the maybe list. I did find a link to that YouTube channel that I was talking about. There’s a guy named Jason Lewis and he runs a brand called Mind Amend. You can go to his website. This is neat, reading about him. His main focus is on producing brainwave entertainment audio tracks using isochronic tones. Did you use that term?

No. I’ve never heard of it. I don’t even know what isochronic tones are.

He has all his information about it. He first came across Brainwave Entrainment, BWE, in 2005. He was given a couple of binaural beat CDs to help improve his concentration. He got skeptical about it but then he came across brainwave entrainment again but this was the isochronic tones. It was a different type of brainwave entrainment. He could tell a huge difference when he used it. I’m like, “Maybe I did notice the difference between his tracks and the other binaural beats that I’ve listened to on YouTube.” I wasn’t even listening with my headphones on. They were playing on my speaker. I wasn’t even getting the full experience.

He said his brain felt like it had suddenly kicked up a few gears and he was feeling some unusual throbbing sensation and warmth in his brain. He’s never experienced anything like it. He started looking into all this and he says that he’s not a doctor or trained medical professional. There aren’t any formal qualifications in brainwave entrainment as it hasn’t reached a level where official accreditation can be obtained. He has done webinars and he got certified for completing those webinars. He’s passionate about this.

Jason, you’ll appreciate the visuals of his YouTube channel because he has amazing artwork. The one that I was listening to happened to be this cool pug wearing headphones. It reminded me of our show, This Hits The Spot. In the background, there are all these glowing lights. It was the perfect amount of visuals that weren’t super distracting and wasn’t cheesy. It’s cool. The music made me want to continue my momentum.

The whole reason I looked this up, Jason, was because I’ve been exploring whether or not I have ADHD. An update for those that have heard that episode where I talked about this, I’m going to go get evaluated. I talked to my doctor. I’ve been referred to a psychiatrist. I’m going to look further into an ADHD evaluation and see what’s going on with my brain. In the meantime, I’ve been studying ADHD and trying to better understand things that support me. That’s how I found Mind Amend because there are several tracks on YouTube, specifically to help people who have trouble focusing and people that have ADHD. It’s all been an interesting journey. Now I feel extra interested in trying it out.

If you go on his website, you can even download the tracks. I’m not sure if I would go that far. It’s completely free on YouTube. It is nice to support someone like this who’s passionate about it. He has all these categories. This is what I’m geeking out on, Jason. The astral projection stuff, I was like, “I don’t know about that.” This stuff is more about how I can support my cognitive ability and that’s the big tie in here. I don’t necessarily need to project myself into different states of consciousness. If I can function better, feel more empowered, energized, and feeling good, that’s what I’m all about. Would I try astral projection? Will I think about this next time I’m in a float tank? Probably. Would I consider doing that room we talked about? Maybe. We’ll see. I’m not ruling it out, Jason. I’m glad you brought this all up. It’s certainly interesting. Hopefully, it’s been interesting to our readers as well.

Here’s what I want to do, I want to take a psychedelic and go in that silent room. Let’s go all the way with it. The Minneapolis road trip, I am serious about wanting to do this because I find it fascinating. If you think about the sensory deprivation tank, this is the audio version of sensory deprivation. Add it to the list of human experiences. For you, dear reader, if you are vibing on anything we talked about, astral projection, remote viewing, government experiments, states of consciousness, alternate dimensions, non-physical, or non-corporeal beings you may have met in your psychedelic journeys. Whatever you want to comment on, we always love hearing from you. Our website is If you ever want to email us directly, Whitney and I love to hear from you, it’s [email protected].

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With that being said, we are recording this episode right before the July 4th, 2021 weekend. That means I’m dosing all my animals in plenty of CBD and maybe I’ll put on binaural beats for them. Maybe that’ll drown out the fireworks, Whitney. Honestly, if you send me that track, maybe I might try it. Something’s got to give because fireworks in LA during July 4th are no joke. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Thank you for supporting This Might Get Uncomfortable. We’ll be back soon. Take care. Love you!


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