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One of the greatest things about life is how specific memories can fit certain objects, signs, or symbols. We can have something as simple as a number play a very significant part of our lives. For Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen, that is the number 55. In this special 55th episode, Jason and Whitney share with us why the number 55 is their favorite. Going further to its history and magic, they discuss the significance of numerology and the meaning behind 55. Jason and Whitney also dive deeper into gratitude, manifestation, and more by sharing some key concepts like the 5×55 manifestation practice along with some great books that offer wisdom and inspiration. Aiding you to find your life master number, they then share a process that may help you see parts within yourself you may not have thought you had.

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The Magic And History Of 55: How Numbers Help Us Understand Ourselves

This is an episode we have been waiting for because this is our 55th episode, and 55 is probably my favorite number right now. It is a joke number that Jason and I use a lot. The best place to start is explaining the history of 55.

As auspicious as 55 is the origin for us and the inside joke originated about several years ago with our dear friend, the illustrious and amazing, Ms. Ele Keats. She is a whirling dervish. She is a dynamo of energy, irreverence, frivolity and childlike wonder. I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone quite like Ele. Perhaps you might agree with that, Whitney. Ele is a unique creature under herself. Years ago, she was at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, the Sunday market. She went up to one of the vendors. If I may recall to buy a basket, a sarong or something, not a food item but something, she asked the woman what the price was.

The woman told her $55 and out of nowhere Ele goes, “55.” Ever since then we keep seeing the number of 55 pop up all over the place. It’s like one of those things. What was that movie where he kept seeing the same numbers? Was Jim Carrey in this movie? There was some movie where the protagonist kept seeing the same numbers flash up all the time. Ever since then there’s been this inside joke and this significance to the number 55, whether it’s the miles left on our car, whether it’s filling up gas, we’ve texted each other photographs of our receipts from the store. Any time 55 comes up, Whitney, Ele and myself, we have a text thread where we keep bombarding each other with anything and anywhere that the number 55 shows up in our lives.

That’s why we had to talk about it because that number brings us so much joy and we wanted to bring a little joy to your day. With that said, that’s the end of the episode. Can you imagine if this episode was only three minutes?

That’s why every time we hear the word 55 and that’s it. Thanks so much. I appreciate you staying tuned to our inside joke.

I’m going to aim for making this episode exactly 55 minutes long.

On that note, I want to talk Whitney about the significance of numerology because I’m fascinated by this. My fascination for numerology came in years ago when I had first moved back to LA several years ago. Everyone talking about the meaning behind master numbers and triple numbers and things like that. As a master number, which is the same digit repeating itself, the number 55 is a number that represents independence, freedom and self-determination. They say that this number is a sign that it’s time to let go of things in situations that are no longer serving you and allow the changes that are manifesting right now to usher in a new phase in your life, which is super interesting. The double meaning is a doubling of the vibrational essence of the number five.

When this number is doubled, it increases that energy by a factor of two. The energy of the numeral five is adventurous, versatile, energized and capable of meeting any challenge that life brings. This master number, as I mentioned, independence, freedom and self-determination. When you apparently see 55 over and over again, it means you should be forward-looking, looking to the future and focusing your mind on learning new things. If you keep seeing 55 pop up, you’re also likely to establish a variety of new, exciting social and romantic relationships during that time period, which is super interesting. Getting into the numerology of things when you see things pop up all the time, I have a habit of seeing the number seven pop up a lot, which is super interesting. It’s interesting whenever you take note of this to examine the hidden meanings of what the energetics of numbers mean. It’s super fascinating to me.

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Regardless of a global meaning, we can each put our own personal meanings on things. That’s the intersection between woo-woo and people that are realists. People saying, “That doesn’t mean that or that’s not going to happen because of this.” People that don’t believe in symbolism or, “You’re seeing the color red because you’re thinking about it,” that mentality. I feel like we’re each making life what we want it to be. It’s so much a matter of relative perspective. For me, like I said at the very beginning, the number 55 started to bring me a lot of joy because Ele had that joke and it brought her so much joy to tell the story. Every time we would talk about it, we would start to laugh.

Every time we text each other, the three of us have this communal joy. That to me is a powerful thing. I’ve always been somebody who loves inside jokes and being able to share something with somebody that only they would understand has brought me a lot of joy throughout my life. That’s part of it for me. I started noticing how I was feeling around that number on my own. It wasn’t about sharing it with you, Jason, and with Ele. It was about that moment when I would see the number and think, “This is so funny. Why do I keep seeing this number come up over and over again?”

In February 2020, I heard about something called the 5×55 Manifesting Formula or some people call it the 55×5. I don’t know if the order itself matters, but it’s become popular in the Law of Attraction community and the manifestation communities. I want to talk a little bit about how that process works for any of you that enjoy the process of writing down things. The 5×55 or the 55×5 is the process of writing a specific desire 55 times for five days in a row. The idea is that you will start to restructure your subconscious mind when you do this.

It’s changing your thought patterns over five consecutive days so that your thoughts make a direct connection with the energetic frequency of your desire. If you believe that everything is energy and that we as human beings are constantly emitting these energetic frequencies through our thoughts, emotions and actions, we start to match the vibration of our desires. That’s what the Law of Attraction is based on. I tried this tool out back in February and I enjoyed it. I can’t say for sure that I manifested what I wanted precisely or at least not yet. A lot of times we’re on the path of something because it hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. It’s like maybe it hasn’t happened yet. I found myself fascinated by this whole process.

In theory you think, “Writing something down 55 times, how hard could that be? It was more challenging than I thought. These are the steps. First, you’re going to choose something to focus on. This might be a manifestation. Something that’s very positive. Something that is very goal-oriented, something that means a lot to you and that is very specific. It excites you. It also incorporates some gratitude. You can start a sentence by saying I’m grateful to blank. You can also put it in the past tense so that you’re speaking about it as if it already happened. Jason, your friend, Kyle Cease, has his own version of this. Can you talk more about his method?

Kyle is an amazing speaker, spiritual teacher and a stand-up comedian. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for many years. He has this method that he created with his friend, Diego. There’s a video on his YouTube channel of the creation of this back from 2012 or 2013. He calls it Kylegoing, which is Kyle and Diego together. They call it Kylegoing where, as an example, would say, “Do you remember back in 2020? Remember when that crazy pandemic was going on and I got that amazing job in the midst of all of it, it came out of nowhere. We were so excited. Do you remember we celebrated like after the quarantine was lifted? You came over and we had a bottle of wine. I started this amazing new job. Wasn’t that amazing?” You’re acting as if it’s already happened. Speaking in a past tense, in a celebratory past tense as if it’s already manifested in your life.

I remember when I went to one of Kyle’s talks, I tried this out. He wanted you to go and find a stranger to do it. Was I uncomfortable? I almost left the room. I almost pulled one of those moves. I started to think to myself, A, I wouldn’t want somebody to leave the room because they were uncomfortable. The whole point is that you’re trying to go out of your comfort zone so you can grow as a person. Luckily, we haven’t started the podcast yet. I had a little bit of an excuse at that time because I couldn’t be accused for not practicing what I preach. I remember feeling uncomfortable with it. I might’ve even gotten out of my seat. We were in a big room at The Longevity Now Conference in 2018. Is that all it’s been, Jason?

In 2018, yes, that was the last one with Kyle. That was the crazy one where I ran on stage like a mad man per your suggestion.

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I can’t remember if you were in the room or not, Jason. I feel like you might have been there and that was when we met our friend, Nadine. I feel like maybe you were with Nadine during this talk. Did you do the manifestation together?

We did the Kylegoing exercise together.

That’s a good form of bonding. I did it with some random guy who had walked into the room and also didn’t speak fluent English. I remember it being like awkward. It was like another level of discomfort because he had no idea what was going on. When I tried to explain it to him, he didn’t get it. I don’t even know for sure. I also feel like I kept delaying my share because I felt awkward about having to talk about something. I get a lot of pressure in those moments. It’s hard for me to pick one thing to focus on and a lot of times I want to sit there and reflect on it. Our buddy, Chris Guillebeau, posted something that resonated with me. I thought, bingo, this is me. It was something about, if you’re constantly trying to plan or research. It was a share from an account on Instagram called Branding with Pace. Chris Guillebeau shared this. The quote is “Research is a code word for avoidance.”

That hit me. I experienced that a lot because I love doing research. It lights me up, but I definitely will use research, to avoid a situation, to postpone it, to procrastinate. A lot of times in these cases I’ll think, “I need a little bit more time to think about what I want to manifest for myself.” I don’t know. I feel that pressure in those situations where somebody is asking me what feels like it’s on the spot. I remember in that moment thinking, I don’t know what I want to share yet so I’m going to delay it. I’m going to keep asking questions to this person about their situation so I don’t have to share myself. It was interesting coming back to the 5×55 Manifestation.

I wanted to give that example of Kylegoing because it is talking about something that has already happened. Oftentimes, when you write down an affirmation that is based in the past, it feels more real to you. You could say I’m grateful to have received X amount of money. You’re acting as if it has already happened. You’re thinking about what that’s going to feel like. “I’m thankful to be driving a new car,” or you can get specific like, “I’m thankful to be driving a new Tesla Model Y.” Be specific about it and it creates this picture in your mind. This is where manifestation or visualization specifically is based on, too, where you’re visualizing the imagery and what it feels like. What do you feel like? What is the physical sensation of this thing? What are you doing with it?

The clearer you are, the more specific you are, it starts to feel like it has already happened. If you wrote down a sentence like this, keeping it short enough that your hand is not going to get completely exhausted writing it out. That was one thing I learned because you write it 55 times in a row and you’re supposed to handwrite it. There’s also something that happens with the brain when you’re writing by hand. Jason, I feel like you probably have a little like statistic or reasoning for that of why writing by hand is so important.

It’s interesting that you bring this up because I’ve found that I still handwrite a lot of things, to-do lists, notes. I was on a webinar for actors and entertainers on how to get some financial stuff. Rather than typing out my notes, I wrote them down. I wanted to look that up about writing notes. Handwriting versus typing, there’s a website, writing versus note-taking by hand. In these experiments and studies, they showed that word recall and recognition showed that people remember lists of vocabulary words better when they write them by hand compared to when they type them on a computer or a keyboard. A similar study on the topic showed that taking notes, using a written pen and paper method leads to better memory and recall ability than typing them up.

Another scientific study on note-taking in the classroom showed that students who take lecture notes by hand generally perform better in standardized tests on those lectures than students who typed their notes on the computer. For me though, I love the art of handwriting. A few years back, Whitney on the subject, because we get tangential here. If it’s your first time on the podcast, we get tangential. They were no longer teaching cursive in school. They were only teaching students how to print. I thought, “That’s a shame for taking that away.” To me, I love the written word. I love taking handwritten notes. When I found out they stopped teaching cursive in a lot of curriculums, I was a little bit sad about it.

MGU 55 | History Of 55

History Of 55: The number 55 is a sign that it’s time to let go of things in situations that are no longer serving you, and allow the changes that are manifesting right now to usher in a new phase in your life.


That’s so sweet that you were sad about that. It’s funny as you were saying that, I was thinking, “I wonder if I even know how to write in cursive very well anymore.” When I started in my head imagining what it’s like to write in cursive, which I haven’t done that much since school. Maybe that’s part of it. It’s like that old mentality as kids we have like, “Why am I learning this? I’m never going to use it.” I feel like the only time I use cursive personally is to write my signature. It is interesting because of the way that we’re taught. I don’t know if it’s specifically around our age or the repetition, but I feel like even though it’s been so long since I’ve written cursive, it would come right back to me as muscle memory. It’s always so interesting. I pulled up some other interesting points from this wonderful book.

This book, Write It Down, Make It Happen, is something that my friend Allison Melody, who also has a wonderful podcast called Food Heals, recommended this book to me. I read it years ago. I remember it resonated with me. I pulled up some notes from the website. In the book, the author says that, “The right side of the brain traditionally governs the feeling nonverbal part of you while the left hemisphere handles rational thought and logic.” It’s interesting to see how differently our brains are thinking and how they function when we’re doing things like writing and where our emotions are coming from.

How it’s so important to integrate both your head, your heart into your thinking and your feeling is to start to shift into the different mentalities when it comes to writing out your goals. Coming back around to the 5×55 practice. You pick this goal of yours or this affirmation and you make it succinct. It’s usually something that is based in the past as if it’s already happened and you write it down 55 times every day for five consecutive days. It’s helpful to make this into a very present, almost meditative process where your mind is very focused on it. You can turn on some music. You could light some candles, have some aroma therapy, create this whole environment around yourself.

You could do this in the morning, at night. It doesn’t matter too much when you do it. It is helpful to be focused. Although when I was doing it for the very first time, I was at a conference when I first learned this. I would take my journal and a pen into the talks. I find myself more focused when I’m writing. I’ve always been a big note-taker during talks. I start to find that I’m more focused if I’m writing things down. I was trying out the 5×55 while I was listening to another speaker. Maybe I messed it up. There is a way to mess this up, but it kept me very calm and present with both my writing and listening to this speaker. I was almost able to multitask even though I’m not a huge fan of multitasking.

It was interesting doing that process. It was also a way for me to pass the time. If there were boring parts during one of the lectures I was listening to, having something to write helped me out. It also does take some time. It took me on average between 20 to 30 minutes to write out my affirmation 55 times. That’s important to think about too when you have a good 20 to 30-minute block of time to do this. I found myself starting to look forward to it. The very first time I did it, my hand hurt a lot and I had to pause. You might even want to give yourself more time if you can, maybe break it up across 45 minutes to an hour. Maybe you pause and do an actual meditation when your hand starts to hurt.

I found that over the days it hurt less and less. It was like my muscles were getting used to writing things down so much. I started to look forward to it. I loved the process of it. It’s encouraged that after you write down your 55 times each day, you want to forget about it. You don’t want to spend time thinking about it too much, obsessing over it, getting too attached. This is putting you too much in the place of your ego. Sometimes that can lead you to be more self-destructive. You can start thinking, “This isn’t going to work.” You can get very focused on like what the outcome is, when is it going to happen? Why hasn’t it happened yet?”

Speaking of that, in that book, Write It Down, Make It Happen, there are some tips in there for what to do if you write something down and it doesn’t happen. I enjoyed the perspective. First of all, the author recommends that you stop and consider what’s going on in your life because maybe something happened not in the way that you intended. This is important when it comes to manifestation practices in general. We can get very attached to outcomes and the specifics. We don’t notice all of the subtle things that happen in our lives. Be unattached to exactly how things come about and how long it takes too. Remember that it’s so important not to get discouraged. We have to keep going about our life and remember that every step forward is going in some direction. We don’t know exactly where these paths are going to take us.

That’s so wonderful, Whitney, the way you encapsulated all of that in terms of letting go of a specific desired outcome. It reminds me of two things I want to share. One is something I heard from Michael Bernard Beckwith from the Agape Spiritual Center. I texted you that I was tuning into their live webcast, which is amazing gospel music, super positive vibes and especially now it feels a lot more meaningful. Michael Beckwith was talking about this exact subject about envisioning and staying in a positive mindset.

We can get very attached to outcomes and the specifics that we don't notice all of the subtle things that happen in our lives. Share on X

He was talking about the origin of the word enthusiasm. I thought it was so fascinating. The way he broke it down was back to Greek and Latin. That basically our version enthusiasm was based on theos, theology. We’ve all heard that word theology, the study of God or God itself. Entheos means to be possessed by a God or divinely inspired. He was saying that one of the reasons that people fall off of the manifestation train or lose positive momentum when they’re calling the thing in, their heart’s desire is they lose enthusiasm.

They might get pessimistic or disappointed with, “Why hasn’t it showed up or why didn’t it show up in the form that I thought it would?” His whole point was, his opinion is the anchor of manifestation. The anchor of these kinds of practices, his enthusiasm to have an unfettered God-like divine inspiration that carries you forward and ultimately that you let go of exactly how it’s going to show up. That word enthusiasm has stuck with me. Especially now, with what we’re facing in our culture with this pandemic is like, “How can I maintain my enthusiasm, my divine inspiration?”

Secondly, the other thing that is super relevant right now is I’ve been watching a three-hour audio lecture from Alan Watts. We’ve talked about Alan Watts here on the podcast. We’ve recommended one of his books, The Wisdom of Insecurity, several times in previous episodes, but he has a fantastic lecture. It’s almost three hours on YouTube that I’ve been watching where he talks about the connection between what you do and what you experience in life. It’s deep. It’s amazing. It’s about karma, energy and mindset. It’s completely perfect for this very subject.

I also found a few other encouraging words of wisdom from the author of the book, Write It Down, Make It Happen. She referenced two other authors, one whose name is Helen Hadsell, who wrote a book called Name It and Claim It. Helen said, “There is no failure, only a delay in results.” It’s important to don’t ever dismiss or nullify good positive energy because you are disappointed. You need to acquire the attitude that you need more patience because it does wonders for your peace of mind, body and well-being. The author of Write It Down, Make It Happen also quoted Napoleon Hill who said, “One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.”

It’s so important because these emotions, feeling defeated or feeling disappointed, they’re temporary. Everything is temporary. If we want to get macro about it, but in this context that’s so important to remember that feelings of disappointment, being defeated, being deflated, those are temporary states of being and they do not last forever.

One more part from Write It Down, Make It Happen is the perspective that when everything is falling apart, it might be a sign that everything is about to come together. Chaos often comes close to completion. If you rejoice when everything breaks down, you might be getting close to the finish line. It’s so helpful to push on and know that the breakdown heralds completion. You might be three feet away from the gold. If you are headed in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking and keep on writing it down to make it happen. I feel like it’s important to be reminded of this, especially we’re still in this time where we’re experiencing a global pandemic. It feels very chaotic. We released a book From Chaos to Calm, which you can get in our website for free.

It’s at, if you go into the free resources section. This is a book that focuses a lot around anxiety and how often it is for us to become very frustrated, discouraged, sad, and these low vibration feelings. It’s easy to think that they’re never going to go away. It’s easy to focus on how everything’s falling apart versus noticing how things might be coming together. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but I’m not sure if you included this in the book or not, Jason, but the practice of journaling is a phenomenal way to reduce stress. It is a way to get your feelings out and to express yourself. It has a calming effect on the body.

Yes. There is a section about journaling. One of my favorite people is a friend and fellow Hay House author, Katie Dalebout. She wrote a book a few years back called Let It Out, which is a guide through journaling. We have a few steps in our eBook, From Chaos to Calm. All of the bookstores are unfortunately closed, which makes me sad. I’m looking forward to the bookstores opening, but we have some great resources and also check out Katie’s work as well.

MGU 55 | History Of 55

History Of 55: Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It

I also wanted to share a few more numerology points. Jason, you’ll have to remind me if these are exactly what you had said before, but this came from one of the websites that talked about 5×55. The writer said that the number five in numerology signifies realignment, change and transformation. Therefore, whenever you are manifesting something new, you are tapping into this very energy. The number five calls upon a quantum jump to realign yourself with a new path. It is symbolic of both transformation and evolution. The new path is where your desires become reality. The number 55 is all about personal power. It signifies the power you hold within to transform your life. Therefore, reaching a happier, more abundant and more joyful version of yourself, which is a goal we all have. Who doesn’t want to be happier, more abundant and more joyful?

On this note, Whitney, I have a question for you. Have you ever calculated your life master number before? Have you ever done this process?

I have. It’s the number nine. I know I wrote it down somewhere.

For the audience, if you have never computed your master number, here’s how you do it quickly. You take your birth date in numbers. An example would be like January 20th, 1982. That’s a random example. You would add the numbers first in the year. One plus 9 plus 8 plus 2, which is the number 20. You would add the month and the day of birth to the year number. Again, 1982 added together, 1, 9, 8, 2 is 20. You would add 1 plus 20 plus 20. The January 20th plus 1, 9, 8, 2 so the total of all those numbers is 41. What you do is you add both of those individual numerals together. You’d add 4 plus 1 because we had the 41, and that equals the number five. In that case, that would be your life master number. I did mine and mine is a ten-master number.

It says, “A person with the life path number ten always remains comfortable in being alone. That’s why it’s hard for me to be in relationships, determined and adventurous in character. The life path number ten is interpreted from is essence and spirit. The essence of a number can be said as its tone and vibrations. Therefore, on the basis of its tone and vibration, the life path number ten can be interpreted to compose these qualities: leadership, independence, clear thinking, uniqueness, infinite potential exploration, compassionate nature, imagination and creativity. Life path number ten are inborn leaders and always take the front row in any type of situation. They’re straightforward, true to their followers and can influence them with their nature and character. They do most of their works by their own determination in their life and they will not rest until they finish the work in hand. Along with self-dependence, these people are also clear thinking and compassionate. Super interesting goes into imagination. They can create things which are seen as impossible by others. They develop creative power and set aside their mind and soul to be unique in the world.” The audience want to do this, check out the resource again on Wellevatr. You can calculate your life path number and find some cool resources online about this.

I calculated mine and I’d love for you to read my number, which is nine. It’s so interesting because I have loved the number nine for most of my life. That’s felt like a powerful number and also the number three. When I see the numbers 3, 9 and now 55, I feel lit up by that. Jason, I have a question for you first. How can ten be a number? Wouldn’t ten technically be one?

According to this, one can I suppose do either one. This website says you can take the number ten. It says very specifically the number ten. One is also applicable. I don’t know. I’m not a numerologist but, they’re both on here. I went right to number ten.

I went to a website as well. When you were reading your description, it sounds very similar to the master number one. Will you read the description for master number nine?

I want to say something though about this. If people want to understand what a life path number, the purpose of it is, it would be akin to your astrological sun sign that it might reveal your greater purpose, your strengths, your weaknesses, your talents, your ambition. If anybody is wondering, what the point is of this, you can treat it like a horoscope. Master number nine is the final single digit with a numerology, nine connotates and signifies an old soul. The number nine is no stranger to life’s ups and downs, been there, done that.

Number nine can effortlessly synthesize large quantities of information and stimuli, psychically and physically connecting the dots to form a cohesive whole. The mission for number nines is to reach the highest state of consciousness and to help others achieving this spiritual awareness and awakening. Nine isn’t afraid to transform and it’s malleable open spirit inspires others to explore their own ranges of motion and development. Since nine in many ways, seeks to transcend the physical plane, it must constantly remember to anchor itself. Nine must learn to balance the abstract with the tangible and ultimately find its place at the intersection of fantasy and reality.

I realized that 55 would technically be a ten and you’re a ten. I was sitting here thinking maybe with the last one we should read this for 55, but that would also be a ten or a one.

Chaos often comes close to completion. Share on X

All these years, I never thought that.

I always find this interesting. I remember when I was growing up being very intrigued by horoscopes. I was also interested in the Chinese, like what animal you are, what’s that called?

You’re a pig. We’ve talked about this and also Ele, the inspiration for this episode is also a pig. I am a fire snake. It’s interesting because on that tip with years ago, my aunt Mary Lou, who lives in Detroit, she gave me a great book on Chinese astrology. I didn’t take much stock in it. I remember reading the chapter specifically on fire snake because not only does Chinese astrology assign you an animal totem, but they also assign you an element depending on the day and year of your birth. When I went into fire snake and read it, my jaw hit the floor. It was the most accurate thing I’ve ever read. It’s still to this day. If I can find it right now, you would be like, “This is you.”

It is fascinating because horoscopes I feel like it depends on the source of them, who’s writing them. Are they writing them for entertainment or are they somebody who’s doing the research and all of that? It is fascinating because you can compare different results for different people or that you can mix them up, blindly read them and still find that the one that’s based on your date of birth is usually very accurate. I feel like it’s a fascinating thing because you can brush it off and think of it as very woo-woo. If it brings you some realization about yourself, if it helps you feel more grounded or more inspired, gives you that clarity or even the empowerment.

For me, when you were reading that description of my number nine, not only was I saying to myself, “Yeah, that does sound like me,” but it also was reminding me of the things that give me a lot of purpose. Many people struggle with finding their purpose or getting clear on that. They don’t know like what do they most love to do? It’s hard to describe it or define it sometimes. It’s hard to give a very concrete answer, but when you read some of these descriptions, whether they’re a few sentences or are in depth a few pages, it can help you start to get clear on who you are and what aligns with you. That’s one of the biggest benefits to all of this. If you’re doing a practice like 5×55, you might not even know what to start.

What do you even want? Many people have trouble figuring out one thing to focus on, but this forces you to do that. It forces you to pay attention to something for five days, reflect in how you feel and how that’s playing out on your life. You can reevaluate it. You can continue to get more and more clarity. As Jason and I have found in so much of our trainings, whether it’s our Wellness Warrior Training Program or The Consistency Code Program, which you can learn more about at, we found that a lot of people struggle with that first step of knowing who they are and clarifying it to themselves and to other people. That’s also the beginning of marketing too. Jason and I have studied marketing, whether it’s on social media or for our websites with a podcast, all these different focuses of ours. We have to continue to refine our message. Sometimes that can feel daunting. When you get clear on something, it becomes so much easier to clarify it to other people and stay focused on what you should be doing each and every day.

Truly one thing that Whitney and I are extremely passionate about and you, the audience, perhaps are also passionate about this, is knowing thyself and self-awareness. As we change and evolve as beings throughout the course of our life, perhaps what we value changes and what we’re interested in changes, what we’re passionate about or what we’re enthusiastic about changes. The fluidity of understanding ourselves and all of the layers to who we are as beings, this is a lifelong endeavor. It’s not like, “By the time I’m 45, I’m going to know that all there is to know about myself.” I can speak for myself, certainly and you, Whitney, that we’re seekers.

Being seekers and students of being human, there is no end to this. In that sense, I found some great resources on It goes even deeper than some of the other ones I was reading from. The number nine, Whitney, is super fascinating. It talks about how worldly and sophisticated you are, that you see, understand the connections between all of humankind, that you’re a humanitarian. When you see injustice or you see mistreatment of people, you devote yourself completely to it. That you don’t expect credit and return that you want to do good in the world and be a powerful force of leadership and justice. It goes way deeper.

MGU 55 | History Of 55

History Of 55: When you get clear on something, it becomes so much easier to clarify it to other people and stay focused on what you should be doing each and every day.


I also pulled up a few websites that talks about why you shouldn’t do 5×55. I thought it was interesting. I don’t know if it’s clickbaity. Whenever there’s a trend, there are people that want to post something or write like why you shouldn’t do this. That sometimes is to get more eyeballs on things because we like to see the extremes that people go to. There were some wonderful pieces of information I read while I was scanning this. This is on a website called I was excited to see that this writer was talking about the Rule of Five, which is something that Jack Canfield talks about. He is the coauthor of Chicken Soup for The Soul. We had the other coauthor who wrote the books with him, Mark Victor Hansen on in previous episodes.

Mark Victor Hansen is a wonderful guest and he came on our show with his wonderful wife. They talked about the power of asking. If you look up that episode and you can find that at The summary of the Rule of Five by Jack Canfield is a commitment to take five actions every day that will bring you closer to your goal or dream. People are saying that the 5×55 method is nice for programming your subconscious level and changing your mindset, but only through action will you reach your goal.

You will read your goal, but if you want to reach your goal, you have to take action. That is incredibly important is not just thinking if we write something down, it’s magically going to happen. You need to write this down. You need to get in that practice of being more positive, motivated and inspired but then you have to go out and take the action. This is a big part of our program, The Consistency Code, is that so many people have that clarity as we talked about. They set themselves in a goal, but if they’re not consistently taking action towards that goal, you can’t expect things to happen. Because you want something, it doesn’t mean it will appear from a genie in a bottle. You need to be proactive with it.

There’s an alchemy to co-creating with reality. Abraham Hicks has talked about this for decades and decades. They’re one of my favorites. They came into Vogue if anybody remembers when The Secret came out in 2006. Abraham Hicks, they talk about alignment and removing any resistance. If I think about it, Whitney, my magic formula would probably be desire plus enthusiasm plus action and letting go of resistance. Those four steps to me, if I think about big things that I’ve manifested in my life, it was a combination of a deep, not just an egoic desire, but something in my heart. Something that I felt deep in my heart that I wanted to experience or see or have or do in my life combined with the enthusiasm.

Every day like, “I’m on fire about this. I feel good about this. It’s going to happen. I don’t know when. I don’t know how, but it’s going to happen.” The action taking consistent daily action, even small steps, but then also noticing, and this is for some people, the trickiest part certainly is for me is any subconscious resistances that we’ve built up against receiving that thing. For me, I’ve talked about this in previous episodes, is my battle with unworthiness, not feeling good enough or not feeling like I deserve something in my life and how that’s plagued my subconscious pretty much my entire life. Those four things are, at least in my opinion, this magic formula of things to focus on when we’re calling something into our lives.

We are here to encourage you to do whatever works best for you. There are so many different ways to approach our physical, mental and emotional well-being. What we like to do here in this podcast is to share with you the things that are working for us, things that aren’t working for us, things that work for our guests, things that haven’t worked for them. It’s all of the different experiments, the trials, the thoughts, the dreams, the goals, whatever is happening in our lives. We’re here to share with you all sorts of different perspectives. Our aim is to not necessarily teach you something, although sometimes that will happen. We’re here to get you to think about things and to reflect on what this means for you. What we encourage you, dear reader, is to reflect on what numbers have meaning to you, what things in your life have meaning, what inside jokes bring you joy.

Do you like sharing with your friends? What things in general bring you a lot of joy that you could do right now to uplift your spirits? We’d love to hear some of those. If you want to share with us, you can go to the website We would love for you to comment and share your own reflections, your experiences, what brings you joy, what your master number is, what your favorite numbers are or if you’re not into any of that, what do you prefer? What works for you? If you’ve tried 5×55, let us know. If you haven’t tried it, maybe there’s something else that you feel like is even better. We love having these conversations with you, so that not only can we learn more about you and figure out how to support you, but to create a sense of community.

We’re incredibly passionate about that. We think that’s one of the most important parts of our well-being is to connect with other like-minded people and to have an open mind to connect with people that maybe live differently than us. That’s what happens in a community. You can broaden your horizons a lot. You can learn from one another. You can support one another. We also utilize social media, not a ton. Our aim is to post content that resonates with us. We do have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all those different platforms. Our handle is @Wellevatr. You can connect with us there. You can leave public comments and you can privately direct message us in most of those platforms.

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We try to share things that resonate with our hearts and we love seeing what you’re up to as well. Oftentimes when people follow us, we end up following them back because you’re doing so many amazing things in the world. Lastly, if you want to connect with us privately, maybe you’re not into social media, that’s completely okay. You can always email us at [email protected]. You can ask us questions. You can share things, whatever is on your heart, if you have feedback. It’s so wonderful to read your messages and hear what’s going on in your world.

I also want to give a huge shout-out to our brand-new patrons on our Patreon platform. If you love what you read and you are a big fan of all of the episodes you’ve read, or maybe it’s your first time and you’ve magically fallen in love with Whitney and myself, we have a Patreon account. We have some great patrons from around the world and some new ones that popped up. We want to give a huge shout-out to anyone during this moment, which is in the pandemic, a very difficult time financially. It means even more to us that you’re opening your hearts and your pocket books to support Wellevatr and support This Might Get Uncomfortable. I’ve got to give love to our patrons. If you guys want to support the podcast so we can keep going with this great content to help you thrive, especially now during this challenging time, please visit our Patreon page. We’ve got some great behind the scenes videos, some freebies and bonus materials that people on social media and our mailing list are not privileged to. On Patreon, you always get the secret goodies that nobody else does.

Plus, we’re working on merchandise. A funny note to end on, I was sitting here thinking maybe we should make some 55 merchandise or what if we recreated that whatever Ele purchase. You said it might’ve been like a tote bag or something. What if that was our merchandise on Patreon or what if we made a tote bag because that is something that we’ve been considering making an organic tote bag with some design on it. What if it was a drawing of Ele and the little bubble coming out of her mouth that said 55.

This is so niche. Our audience, I bet they’d go for it. We are a unique podcast. Why wouldn’t we have unique merchandise? Why not?

That’s a little out there, but this is the way our minds work. That’s another thing that you’ll see on Patreon is we’re looking for feedback on merchandise. That is something that we are going to be starting to offer our patrons because we want to give back and enrich your lives in many different ways. Thank you so much for tuning in. We can’t wait to connect with you on whatever medium you choose. We hope that you’ll check out the related episodes to continue our journey with getting uncomfortable. Until next time, wishing you all the very best with your overall well-being.


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