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Launched in November 2005, Google Analytics offers you the tools you need to better understand your customers. What’s fascinating about it is you can see what people search for and you can see whether or not you show up as an impression versus a click. On today’s show, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen take a look at some topics and search queries that have led people to their website and podcast – from ideal relationships and romcom movies to self-care, beauty standards, and mental and emotional wellness. Don’t miss this episode to learn the biggest drivers to their website, as well get a glimpse of the improv comedy Jason was in about missed connections.

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Missed Connections, Google Analytics, And Exploding Topics

One thing that I like to do is to look at Google Analytics. We have Google Analytics set up. Although a little side note, I would like to try Fathom Analytics, which was created by one of our previous guests, Paul Jarvis. If you go back to that episode, this is a good opportunity to go to our website. Whenever we reference something, you’ll be able to easily find it there. Paul Jarvis came on our show and talked a lot about data privacy and his work as an online entrepreneur, and Fathom Analytics is one of his many offerings to the world as an alternative to Google Analytics.

We may switch over to that, but one thing I don’t know yet is if we’ll be able to see things like search queries. That’s part of the topic, which is the interesting things I’ve found that have led people to our website and our show. It is incredibly fascinating because seeing why somebody is coming to the show or your website, and then what topics are trending? What people are most interested in is fascinating to me. I’ve been tracking those topics to bring up some things. Some things are super interesting. Some things are funny, and we will have to start with some of those because Jason hasn’t seen any of this. I feel like you would get a big kick out of this. Are you curious about what has come up in our analytics reports, Jason?

I am. Can I tell a short story before we jump in? When you talk about search analytics and history, I am super interested to know what you’re going to share. It reminded me of a show called Upright Citizens Brigade. For anybody that doesn’t know what Upright Citizens Brigade is, it’s an improvisational comedy school and theater. They have two locations in Los Angeles and it grew out of that improv comedy boom that most people attribute to Chicago with Second City and a lot of the Saturday night live alumni. All of that came out of there. UCB is popular in LA.

They’ve been closed with the pandemic but prior to that, I had been to 2 or 3 shows of a theme show they had called Search History. I went there and what they do is they pick a person from the audience, the improv comedy troupe brings them on stage. They look at the search history in their browser, and then they make up a whole half-hour to hour comedy sketch based on the crazy shit. The shit that is in people’s search history is fascinating. I wanted to say that if anyone’s ever in LA and when, and if things resume in a regular capacity, if you see Search History at UCB, go see it because it’s unbelievably entertaining.

That reminds me of two other things. One is that you, Jason, were in that wonderful production multiple times that our friend, Jill, directs. It’s based on Craigslist. Jason was in this amazing series. Since we’re still in this time of COVID, who knows when this will happen again? Our good friend, Jill, directs this wonderful series. She works at this theater, in general doing a lot of different productions, but Jason has been a member of this group. What they do is read these real Missed Connections that are posted on Craigslist. Along with a few other people, Jason acts out these stories. Do you want to share more about that experience? I feel like that’s such a good little thing that people don’t know about you publicly. You don’t talk about Missed Connections very much, but you seem to enjoy doing it.

This is an aspect of my personal artistic history that a lot of people don’t know about, which is that I did theater and acting. We talk a lot about the TV series, which was a scripted comedy meets cooking show. We did have scripts and I had to learn lines for the TV series. I don’t know if people know that, but How To Live to 100 was partly a scripted comedy series. Beyond that, I’ve done a lot of theater in the past. I’ve done improv at Second City in Chicago and Columbia where I graduated. I have an acting history as well. When our friend, Jill Johnson, who is one of the artistic directors at STAGESTheater in Orange County in downtown Fullerton.

I met her through our mutual friend, Ross. She was like, “I want to invite you to come and do this production.” I was like, “What is it? “Missed Connections.” I had known that from the Craigslist. Because if you want to see the most unbelievably fascinating glimpses into humanity, psyche, Missed Connections on Craigslist has people talking about people they saw in a crowd, on a subway, and in the grocery store. It’s not only does she do that though, but she also gets into the classified section with stuff for sale. It’s not just the misconnections portion of Craigslist.

It’s also people posting crazy ass shit, which before we started the show, Whitney was telling me she’s got a few things for sale on Facebook Marketplace. That’s a whole other fascinating glimpse into human psychology when people are trying to buy things. I did Missed Connections 2 or 3 times and we usually do it right before the holidays. Fingers crossed praying to the theater gods, the gods of thespianism that if COVID decides to die the fuck down, maybe we can do another holiday edition. Because that’s when we’ve done it the last several years, right before Christmas and Hanukkah and all that in December.

It’s nice to see you in that creative expression. It’s also great for a good laugh, which we can certainly use it. Speaking of which your mention of UCB reminded me of a show that I saw at The Groundlings. That was my one and only time going. It was great because it was this show that they did regularly. Hopefully, they do it again in the future called The Black Version. It’s not exactly related to the two topics, but it reminded me of it because they would pull ideas from the audience, which is such a fun way to do a performance and make people feel they’re involved with things. Feeling the energy of an audience. That goes along with the theme for this episode because we’re going to be pulling things that people have searched online and maybe answering some questions. We can almost make this like an FAQ type of thing, like Frequently Asked Queries.

A study into our audience is a psychological profile.

Our future audience. Because part of what’s fascinating about Google analytics is you can see what people search for and you can see whether or not you show up as an impression versus a click. For example, you could show up on the Google search page, but people might not necessarily click on your website. I’m fascinated after we do this episode to then do the analytics based on this episode, which is meta and see what things let got people to our site. It’s also a great way to see what people are interested in. Back to The Black Version, which is an important type of art because it certainly rose my awareness. I saw this performance in December 2019. Not only that before COVID, but that was months before the Black Lives Matter boom that we’re in.

We’re in a time where the movement is strong and there’s a lot of attention to it. If COVID wasn’t happening, this would be the perfect show to go to because it was funny, but it was also a good reminder of how black people are represented in the media. What they would do, the concept of the show at the Groundlings was that the audience would suggest a title of a popular film. They would cast an all-black set of actors and improvise the black version of this movie. The one that I saw was of a black version of You’ve Got Mail. The audience shouts out random movies and then the director of the black version will pick whatever one sounds most appealing for whatever reason or maybe we vote for it.

It was interesting because You’ve Got Mail, first of all, the main characters are Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. There’s a variety of white actors and I don’t recall there being anybody of color. The black version is an entirely black cast. It’s reminding you that there are a lot of stereotypes as well. Oftentimes, at least in the past, black actors will be cast in various stereotypical roles or they would be minor characters. It was fascinating to see an all-black cast version of You’ve Got Mail and then they dove into some stereotypes, but I felt like it was fascinating because they’re actual black actors playing.

They’re giving into the stereotypes but also like, “This is the stereotype, but maybe that’s not a great thing.” They’re making fun of the white stereotypical black heritage if that makes sense. It was an interesting way to raise awareness. I don’t think that that was necessarily the reason for it, but it was pointing out racism in an interesting way. Also, giving these amazing actors the opportunity to play these roles that they might not have been casting because of Hollywood politics, at least in the past. The audience would chime in various ways. I loved it. I would go back to see that in a heartbeat. Hearing you talk about UCB reminded me of that.

I have some random thoughts that I want to delve into because it feels like we’re having a fun intellectual tennis match. Two things, for the life of me, I always in some capacity thematically mix up When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle and You’ve Got Mail.

They’re all Meg Ryan movies.

That was the Meg Ryan boom of the ‘90s. She dominated. When Harry Met Sally was Billy Crystal, You’ve Got Mail was Tom Hanks, who was the male in Sleepless In Seattle, also Tom Hanks?

Yes, exactly. You’ve Got Mail wasn’t a sequel by any means.

They were different characters though.

It was like, “Everybody loves Sleepless In Seattle. Let’s do another movie like it.” They were all great movies. First of all, Rob Reiner, I’m almost positive was in Sleepless In Seattle, but I know he directed When Harry Mets Met Sally. For another little trivia, I worked for Rob Reiner’s family for a number of years. I always have such fond feelings for him because he’s a great guy personally and professionally. His career continues to be incredibly impressive. Whether he’s acting, directing, or producing, he’s doing so much great work. Those movies are feel-good movies and I’m grateful that they’re around. I feel like we don’t get a lot of films like that. I wonder why. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia like nothing will ever seem as good as the movies from the past, or they don’t make them like they used to type of sentiment. I’m trying to think if there is an epic rom-com over the last decade that equals those things.

I feel like the rom-com genre peaked in the ‘80s and ‘90s personally.

MGU 88 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a great way to see what people are interested in.


There’s got to be something. I think we’re just not thinking of it. It’s easier to think of movies like we referenced simply because they’re more generational for us. They’ve been reinforced. Love Actually is another one of those movies where it’s on TV a lot or people talk about it a lot. Maybe the current movies haven’t had a chance at it and we’re completely forgetting about them. Partially because you prefer to watch movies like Avengers, Star Wars, Jason, and you don’t watch as many rom-com. Also, rom-com has changed a lot over time with Netflix and other platforms like that where there are lots of rom-coms. Lifetime style movies are becoming popular on Netflix, which is fascinating. The Christmas time films out there, there will be all these cheesy romance films that are all the same, but people watch them because it makes them feel good.

In terms of the latest rom-coms, I would like to say that I enjoy it. People poo-poo, but people poop everyone who’s successful. I like the series of movies that Zach Braff directed and came out with. What was the one with Natalie Portman?

The music comes to mind more vividly than the title of that movie.

It’s because the soundtrack was dope. It was Garden State. I love that movie. I love the Zach Braff duo or trifecta and the aughts before that because that was ‘04 when Garden State came at ‘05.

You and I saw one of the movies that come up, which is Yesterday. We saw that together.

Yesterday was sweet. I like Yesterday.

I don’t think of that as a rom-com.

I don’t either, but in terms of alternative romance stories, I thought Baby Driver was dope too.

There’s something about that I wasn’t into.

The soundtrack of it was dope. Movies with great soundtracks. I’m a sucker for it. If we go back to Garden State, and you know, Whitney, the readers may not know, but I’m a music junkie. I’m a music aficionado. I remember the one band on that Garden State soundtrack that I’d never heard of was The Shins. I was like, “Who’s The Shins?” That is featured prominently in the movie and then you dive down that rabbit hole. One of the best things I love about well-curated soundtracks is they’ll bring bands and music to you that you’ve never heard of, and then you go down those great rabbit holes of artists you’ve never explored before.

Crazy Rich Asians also falls into that category, which I thought was a phenomenal movie. If you haven’t seen it, Jason, and anyone else who’s reading, if you’re reading this episode and craving a rom-com, that’s a phenomenal movie. It’s one of those movies that you want to watch again for the first time because it was that good. Another movie that was great is called About Time. That was from the director of Love Actually. It also stars Rachel McAdams. She’s part of one of the greatest rom-coms of all time, which is The Notebook. We can’t forget that.

Would you consider that a comedy?

Maybe not.

That was an emotionally heavy film. The rom yes, but I don’t know about the com part.

It had its moment.

I don’t know that you would subjugate it to that format of slapstick jokes, dad jokes, and rom-com stuff. There’s a formula to rom-com, not every single rom-com movie. Speaking of romance, I want to volley a guest before you dive into the search terms, the analytics, and the queries that people are using to find Wellevatr and This Might Get Uncomfortable. Seeing that, we have seen a tremendous spike in downloads based on our relationship-themed episodes. One of which with Jason Green, a phenomenal guest. Gets into attachment styles. We’ve seen a great spike in terms of our episodes regarding ideal relationships. I was joking with Whitney like, “Are we going to rebrand ourselves as relationship experts?” It is not in the plans.

We don’t use the term experts anyway.

I know, that’s why it’s a double joke. I feel it is interesting though, that being the fact that we have a broad spectrum of topics, we cover around wellness and self-care, mental and emotional wellness. Also, how to deal with the ups and downs of life as a human being on this planet, it does broaden itself to things like the intricacy and intimacy of human relationships. I am volleying a guest, Whitney, that a high number of queries or the search terms are going to skew toward some relationship stuff. By all means, dive in, I’m just throwing a guest out there.

I have not found that to be true. There were a couple of examples, so we can start off with some of the fun. I feel like the funny queries that I’ve come across have, certainly, the term ideal relationship is one of the biggest drivers to our website, but we already knew that. That’s nothing new. Aside from that, I can’t say I’ve found that much more, but I’ll share with you. We’ve had a couple of R-rated queries. There’s a couple of things I’m not going to say, even though our show is marked as explicit. I feel like we don’t need to get into that territory.

Are they sexually explicit?


MGU 88 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics: What’s cool about Google Analytics is that you can see where you rank on the page and how far somebody would have to go to come across your site.


Maybe not going toward an NC-17. Keep it R.

I wouldn’t say any of them were NC-17. I don’t even have them in me, Jason. There are literally thousands that have to go through. I recall there a number of them that were likely related to pornography. They’re searching for a specific video and somehow our show comes up as a recommendation. What’s fascinating about Google searches is that, it’s all about the combination of words. Somehow, if we say one word out loud, it can be related to some other search term. Maybe there aren’t a lot of results for that search term. We end up popping up or somebody going deep into Google and looking for all the different options. One more light example of that is the search term, Beautiful Plump Women.

That led them to our site?

Our site comes up as a recommendation. That doesn’t necessarily lead them to our site. It’s like our site pops up in Google search results.

How this might work on an SEO standpoint, are you ready for this? We’ve talked about beauty with Sunny. We’ve talked about beauty standards that were subjected between men and women in some previous episodes that we brought up. I mentioned the word plump in the Sunny episode, Whitney, when I was talking about the beauty care products that I use. I mentioned plump skin. I’m sure that on some level beauty and women got pulled. I specifically mentioned the word, plump, it might have pulled from all three.

Another one, which you wouldn’t get Jason, this is a TikTok phrase. I recognized it, but I have no idea where did this even come from. What did we say that made Google say, “You might be able to find what you’re looking for on this website?” The phrase, “Damn boy, that’s a thick ass boy.” That’s an audio clip that’s popular on TikTok. I don’t know why, but I guess we said some combinations of words that led people.

Maybe we should start skewing the show and saying phrases from popular songs and seeing if that’s a driver to our show.

Go ahead and give it a try. What about, here comes the hot stepper?

How many people are searching for Ini Kamoze?

I guess we’re going to find out. I’m partially responsible for that too because I sent that song to Jason before we started recording. I thought that was a good hype song. It’s like we love Usher’s song Yeah! That’s our ultimate hype song. When something goes well, Jason and I will send each other a gift. Do you call it a gift for a gif, Jason?

I call it a gift because when I say jif it reminds me of Giphy peanut butter, and I don’t want to think about that.

I don’t like saying gif. Jason, what do we sing to each other when the Usher song comes up? Do you remember how that song became our hype song?

I have no idea. I do not know the origin story, but it is stuck for years.

It’s not even just our hype song. It is our celebration song. When something goes well, that’s the song that Jason and I like to play. Remember when I got my Tesla or it could have been my Fiat?

It was both. That is how long that has been with us. Whitney has a term of endearment, we call each other, “Fool,” in case anyone was like, “I can’t believe he talked down to Whitney there.” Anytime there’s been a major win in our relationships, business-wise, doing well on a launch, something that we’ve been wanting for a long time manifests or comes into our life. That is the celebratory hype song. We’ve been doing that for years.

I hope that when we meet Usher, it is A) Together and B) Maybe he’d be on the show, and C) That he would indulge us for loving that. What’s the worst is when you meet somebody that you admire and you build it up so much and then they could care less about your admiration for them and the role that they played in your life. At least pretend. Can you imagine if Usher is completely nonchalant and unaffected by our appreciation? That would ruin me. I would regret ever meeting him at all. I’m hoping that when the day comes because it will come. It’s a manifestation thing. It’s only a matter of time. I hope that he’s a cool person and maybe he’d sing the song for us and we’d have our own personal version of Yeah! by Usher that we could play.

Maybe he would do a new intro and outro song for the show.

Can you imagine if we got Usher to record the theme song for the show?

I need to do an impression of it. It has to be a hype song. It couldn’t be like an R&B love song. I have to be like, “Are you ready? This Might Get Uncomfortable, so put your floaties on because we’re going in the deep end with your host, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen.”

It’s like when I was growing up listening to the radio and they would bring on Britney Spears and they would make her do a little thing like, “You’re listening to Kiss FM.” They’d have to sing part of their song as the lead-end. Do they still do that?

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It’s like, “Oh baby baby, you’re listening to Kiss FM.”

I’ve also had to do that in a couple of times that I’ve worked at red carpet. I had to ask the people that I was interviewing to do one of the shoutouts, it’s like, “You’re watching Dog News Daily.” That’s literally the name of a publication that I used to work for. I wonder if it still exists.

People would say with a straight face. No one ever cracked up saying it mid-promo because I would probably have to fight back laughter.

I did some interesting interviews on the red carpet for Dog News Daily and you know who the best one was. This was like, “How the hell did this happen?” I’ve told you this, Jason, but as a reminder, I got to go interview Stan Lee in his office.

You told me and I was pretty slack-jawed.

You don’t see me on camera at all because they just recorded him. He talks about his dogs, which was sweet. He was the nicest guy. This is a perfect example. If Usher had treated me or will treat us the way Stan Lee treated me back then, he’s being recorded for some tiny ass dog-related website, but he treated it like he was being interviewed by the Hollywood reporter. He was kind and considerate. That is a beautiful thing. When somebody is respectful, no matter who they’re talking to. There have been other times where I was on the red carpet and met some celebrities or people I admired who didn’t want to give me the time of the day because they didn’t know who I was. They didn’t care about whatever publication I was working for. Even people that I thought were spiritual and mindful have not shown up and pleasant or kind in those situations.

It’s a mixed bag because I feel like you can never judge someone based on one interaction. I think we talked about the pressure that celebrities and people in the media spotlight are under. It’s not to give them a hard pass if they’re assholes. You also have to realize that they’re human, and who the hell knows what’s going on? My point is try not to take it personally.

Let’s dive back into the query.

This has been long-awaited. I feel like I’ve been tantalized and we’ve gone on many diversion paths as we do.

This one, I feel like you’re going to appreciate. This is something I could see you googling, Jason.

That could go down a whole bunch of different roads.

It’s going back to potentially R-rated Google searches. I got a good laugh at this one. Somebody searched for, “Sit on my face and glaze me like a donut.”

When did we talk about donuts? When did we talk about face-sitting? As you mentioned each one of these, I’m trying to remember if there’s any textual basis for these sexual searches.

I’m sure we talked donuts.

Face-sitting, “Sit on my face and glazing me like a donut.”

I’m going to look it up and see where we come up on this search.

Are we page one? If we’re page one, I’m going to flip.

No, it’s mostly like cards and merchandise that you can get. I’m going to try typing in Wellevatr after it and see what comes up here. I have to have to dig further. This is not something that I’ve done yet. What’s also cool about Google Analytics is that you can see where you rank on the page. How far would somebody have to go to come across your site?

The fact that we are trending on a couple of specific kinks, “Beautiful plump women,” and, “Face fitting so you can glaze me like a donut.” This is a level of nuance and specificity.

It gets even stranger and not to judge. I wish I knew what were they looking for and why in the world did we come up as a suggestion? It’s pretty far back. I’m in page eleven of search results. Maybe we’re not even on there anymore, but I’m curious. What did we say?

I don’t know but I’m fascinated to see what else are you going to pull from the search queries?

MGU 88 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics: In this moment of human civilization where we have incredibly advanced digital technology in the hands of consumers, it’s hard to know what’s real.


I left out a lot of the R-rated. I feel like this could be an ongoing theme of our episodes. Maybe at the end of every episode, I bring up the latest Google search term. That way people will stick around to the end of every episode because they want to know what we talk about. The other one that I thought was funny on the sex or relationship trend is somebody was searching for the origin of Zadie, which makes complete sense. We did talk about Zadie. Who are we talking with?

That was a solo episode.

I think we talked about Zadie with Sunny or Jason Green. A lot of information about Zadie. I don’t remember who you were discussing that with.

We talked about it with Sunny, for sure. Part of the topic was ageism and I was talking about the response that men and women get as they’re getting older. Part of the fascination was I’m being treated differently in a sexual and romantic perspective for women, now that I’m in my 40s than I did in my teens, 20s and 30s. We did cover it with both Sunny and with Jason Green.

Since this is a Frequently Asked Queries episode, if you’re curious about the Zadie origin, first of all, the definition of a Zadie is a man with swag who’s attractive and also fashionable. It’s a little challenging to see exactly where the term came from. Remember we’re talking about Ty Dolla Sign, Jason? He made it popular whereas it had been something that was used.

There was a contention that it also might be traced to Zayn Malik.

It was in the Urban Dictionary since 2008 for anyone curious. There are a lot of random things. Like this one, I’m like, “What the heck is this person wondering?” It was a long query, which was, “How can a dog turn, look into the darkness and wonder if planets will come through for him?” Is that a quote from something? I looked it up.

It sounds poetic. It sounds like some shit I would say while I’m on a hallucinogenic experience. That sounds like something that would come out of my mouth when I’m on mushrooms. That’s a cosmic drug-fueled question. Will you say it one more time because I’m still trying to grasp it?

This is verbatim as typed into Google, “How can a dog turn, look into the darkness and wonder of planets will come through for him?”

I feel like I need to be on a psychedelic medicine to even understand that question. Is it a question or is it a statement?

For me, what comes up is weird books that I’ve read. It’s like, A Wrinkle in Time for some reason. Also, there’s a book that was turned into a movie and Jennifer Connelly was in it.

That’s not Requiem for a Dream. That was a dark movie.

It was one of those movies that I did not understand. I’m like, “What is going on here?” It was based on a famous book.

It was one of those things where it was difficult to follow the plot is what you’re saying. It’s like you’re trying to logically figure it out.

It wasn’t a movie that you could watch logically. It was The Fountain. Isn’t that based on the book?

That was with a Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. I never saw that movie, but I have heard that the spiritual time-bending religious allegories and symbolism is cool.

I don’t think it was based on a book. For some reason, I thought it was. The plot is a man travels through time on a quest for immortality and to save the woman he loves. He’s searching for the fountain of youth. I want to go back and watch it. This came out in 2006 and I was nowhere near as mentally aware, conscious as I am.

Also, the movie that’s coming out is Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s new movie, which I’m hyped about. He has Memento and Inception and now this, that there’s a thematic or interpretational thread through with those three films. I personally think watching them once you don’t pick up all of the nuance, subtlety, and symbolism. That’s one thing I love about those particular Chris Nolan movies. I’m looking forward to Tenet because you have to pay attention. It’s not one of those movies you can check out. When I say check out, I mean not be present. One of the things I love about it is you get ensconced in the environment because of the intricacy, subtlety and layers of the storytelling.

One more movie reference, which is somehow a developing theme for us. It comes full circle and it leads me to something interesting we can touch upon. In terms of weird movies that were hard to follow, that felt like it had some big spiritual life message in them that you and I saw together, Jason. I’m almost positive we saw this together right when we first started dating. It was called Cloud Atlas.

I loved Cloud Atlas.

I wanted to love it. It was right when we first started dating and we had traveled a lot. It was some long exhausting period of time. I fell asleep. I couldn’t follow the movie. I wanted to like it. It also starred Tom Hanks, who we’ve already talked about in this episode.

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I liked Cloud Atlas for a variety of reasons.

Did you see that one time?

No, I’ve seen it twice. It’s one of those time-hopping, genre-bending, spiritually, thematically layered movies, which there was a heavy spiritual subtext about reincarnation, love, morality, ethics, and not escaping your fate. I personally love those kinds of movies when they are done in a way that forces you to think and reflect on your own values, beliefs, and transpose those as a mirror to the movie. I think there are some movies that might try to be spiritual or try to be profound, but they’re trying too hard. It’s a little too much on the nose.

I wanted to like it because Tom Tykwer directed it and he’s done some of my favorite movies. Run Lola Run was a defining movie of my life because of my film making career. Also, there is a phenomenal movie that he did that I feel like did not get a lot of attention. I’m curious if you ever saw The Princess and The Warrior, Jason.

I do not know it.

I remember that being good, but it also had a phenomenal soundtrack that I listened to a shit ton. I’m curious if it’s as good as I thought it was. Also, who co-directed that with him is The Wachowskis. They’re a fascinating people because didn’t they change gender.

There are substantiated rumors that Matrix 4 is being worked on.

It says it’s announced and it’s scheduled for 2022.

Which is interesting because, if I may, I don’t want to go into a whole Matrix thing, but everyone during COVID is referencing that like, “Did you take the red pill or the blue pill? Because we’re all living in The Matrix. This a simulation and will our reptilian overlords reset it to 2015?” The Matrix has become this hype train for the COVID and people being “woke.” It’s being played out.

They also wrote V for Vendetta, which has been brought up with a non-being out, which also connects me to something else I wanted to talk about. None of this has anything to do with search queries, but see where we go when we get on these topics. With Tom Hanks, Jason, I’m still trying to understand what exactly QAnon is. I keep saying it. It comes up a lot. There are COVID tie-ins and a little bit of Black Lives Matter connected here. There’s this new thing I saw about people claiming that Tom Hanks, Ellen, Oprah, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and all those people are on house arrest because they got caught for human trafficking.

Have you heard these rumors? What are your thoughts on this? I feel like I want to be respectful talking about these things because this is definitely something that I almost don’t want to have an opinion on because it feels so extreme, but I’m sure we have some readers that may be into this stuff. We just have to be clear that we’re stating our opinions, but there’s a fear that we’re going to offend somebody if we talk about it the wrong way. I’m more curious what your thoughts are, Jason, what have you found? How did you come across this? Get uncomfortable with me.

I’m not even sure where to start. It’s not necessarily about unpacking this and I am by no means an expert at all in this. I happen to have a few close friends, colleagues, and a lot more acquaintances that are posting a lot of videos, memes, dossiers, and documents about the connection between a generations-long cabal. It’s an underground society of pedophiles, child traffickers, child pornographers, and people involved in essentially every industry of life from politics to big business, to tech, to the financial system. The idea is that there is a satanic cabal of people in power, wealth, privilege, and influence that have been harvesting children around the world. It’s not for work or necessarily sexual practices, although those have been purported as part of the reason. The largest reason is that they are torturing and murdering these children because there is a specific compound that is produced in a child’s body that is in high concentrations.

That’s why they proport in harvesting children, torturing them and killing them. As kids are tortured and there’s a high amount of stress and anxiety on a child, there’s a substance called Adrenochrome that is secreted from their body that these people in the cabal are harvesting because it’s supposed to be an immortality elixir. That’s the whole idea of what this cabal is. The people you mentioned have been linked to it. There’s a long list that people are claiming from Hollywood to the financial system, to our federal government, every aspect of culture and influence. QAnon is purportedly a white hat underground military organization that Donald Trump is tied to. Donald Trump has been coordinating and working with QAnon in this white hat military operation to infiltrate these underground bunkers, not only in America but other parts of the world, where these children are trafficked in these underground bunkers.

That’s where most of the pedophilia and child trafficking ring happens. This white hat QAnon operation has been going around on the internet saying that all of these famous people and influential people are part of this satanic evil pedophilia ring. They are being arrested and going to be put in military tribunals for crimes against humanity. That is the short, condensed version. I could go on and on about this Whitney, but in my general understanding that is what’s happening on the planet. COVID is a “manufactured distraction” from this and the Black Lives Matter and transgender movement is a “distraction” from all this. A lot of the people that I know who are talking a lot about QAnon, the pedophilia ring in the military tribunals, they are two degrees of ferocity claiming that BLM, the transgender movement, COVID and the economic crisis are all manufactured distractions so that these people can escape judgment and imprisonment.

First of all, I had no idea that you knew that much about this because that is far more than I knew. Talk about uncomfortable, the idea of all this is incredibly disturbing and I hope it’s not true. I saw a post on Instagram and I was like, “What do these people all have in common? What are they talking about?” I went and tried to find it, and it’s hard to find information. I didn’t go down the rabbit hole. I’m amazed Jason, that you had that understanding of what some people are saying out there because I wasn’t able to easily find it. It depends on who you’re being exposed to. I saw this on Instagram from somebody we’re following on our Wellevatr account. When I saw that post, I thought about unfollowing this person, because I thought, “This seems so far out there,” but there’s always part of me that’s like, “What if it is true?”

The thing is in this moment of human civilization where we have incredibly advanced digital technology in the hands of consumers. Can you even imagine on the level of government with deep fakes, video surveillance, people creating videos and creating photos with such a level of succinct technical proficiency that begging the question, “Do we know what’s real?” We talked about this in our episode with Luke Storey. A little bit about conspiracy theory, but more about universal truth versus subjective truth. We’ve talked about this on several episodes, Whitney, and how difficult it is to discern what’s real. Especially with the ability to manipulate technology and visuals as we do. I remember back in the ‘90s when Photoshop was crappy and video editing wasn’t that good yet, you could spot fake.

Things are incredibly advanced that misinformation, disinformation is rampant. Is this plausible? Is it possible? Sure. Do we know it’s real? I’m going to say no. The troubling part is there’s a lot of people on both sides of this from the people who are in the camp of looking at the satanic pedophilia ring and toppling the people in power with this cabal to the people saying, “COVID is real.” “COVID is not real.” The people who are like, “I have the truth,” we’ve talked about this that are so cemented that they have the truth. I have to disengage with those people because we don’t know what’s true. There are probably are people on this planet that do know where COVID came from. I’m sure there are probably people that know the exact reality behind the economic crash or whether or not this pedophilia ring is true. There are people that do know “truth on the planet,” but for people on the internet like, “I saw this document and I saw this video and it’s the truth.” It’s a possibility.

It’s fascinating to me from a psychological standpoint because I found this article on USA Today that helped me understand this. Granted, you’re probably not going to be able to find anything super conscious on a platform like USA Today. They’re your mainstream media. It’s different than some other sources that might dig in and be a little less biased. I was reading this article thinking, “Of course, they’re going to say this isn’t true.” Although they came across a little matter of fact, they’re stating what people believe and where it came from, which I thought was interesting. One point that I found fascinating in the USA Today article says, “The reason why QAnon devotees fixate on specific celebrities is they are thoroughly convinced that the only way you can achieve that high degree of success is by doing something morally depraved.”

That was quoted by a host of a QAnon anonymous podcast. I’m also confused. Is that podcast pro-QAnon? Travis View as the person that said that. That to me was fascinating because I thought there’s been a lot circulating about Ellen over. She’s been in this cancel culture element where, “Let’s cancel Ellen, she’s a horrible person.” A few people have spoken out against her and then everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. I remember feeling two emotions. One was, “I hope that’s not true because I felt like Ellen has such a bright light,” but I also admittedly had a moment of like, “Maybe it is true. Maybe we can bring her down from a level of being at that highest status.” Feeling that within myself is a reminder that a lot of people struggle with those emotions.

When someone’s put up on such a high pedestal, it’s common to feel envious of them and say like, “I don’t want to like this person just because they’re more successful than me.” We can find something that’s bad about somebody, it makes us feel good in a way. A sad reality of human consciousness is when we want to find something wrong with somebody who’s successful simply so that we feel better about ourselves. I wonder if some of this is rooted in that. If you look at the people that they’ve been targeting with these statements, it wouldn’t surprise me. Bill Gates, he’s probably been one of the most criticized people. There’s all this blame, “Is he manipulating us?” There’s a combination of fear around Bill Gates and his power or there’s like, “Let’s tear him down. He’s too wealthy. He’s too powerful. Let’s make sure that he’s brought more down to our level or we can cancel him. That way we don’t have someone who’s as successful and powerful as him.” You look at Oprah. The same thing can be said about her. Let’s throw her in the mix. I was also confused. Why is Tom Hanks in there? This guy to me feels like the most innocent person, and yet he’s thrown into the mix.

I think that’s why I was curious about all of this. I can see why people might feel resentful of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton was in there. I can see why people would feel envious of Oprah and I can see why people might feel resentful of Ellen because of all the rumors that’s been going around. If we can collectively tear all these people down and show that they’re bad at the root, and maybe they’re only successful because they’ve been manipulative. I think there’s a part of the human psychology that finds that satisfying, but Tom Hanks, I don’t understand.

MGU 88 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Our structure in America is nothing new. We’ve just been taking the archetype that has persisted from ancient civilizations and transposed it to modern day.


It’s been interesting to see the names that are popping up in this conversation. It brings up a larger question of is it that certain people desire more of a socialist approach to society where there’s not as stark of a hierarchy when it comes to power and financial wealth? I would agree with the sentiment that there are far too much power, wealth and leverage concentrated in the hands of too few, not just in this country, but the world. The wealth and equality, the way we have it is something that has to be addressed. It can’t continue where the amount of money and power that’s being funneled to the 1% of the 1% versus the rest of the world. We’ve talked about this a little bit in terms of the wealth and equality in previous episodes. I don’t think that that’s healthy for society when you have people literally starving and can’t afford to shelter themselves, and you have people with hundreds of billions of dollars.

If we look historically at human society back to the ancient Sumerian kings, ancient Egypt and human civilization beyond tribal culture that has existed for thousands of years, there always has been some form of wealth privilege, power, and dominance at the top of society. Our structure in America is nothing new. We’ve been taking the archetype that is persisted from ancient civilizations and transposed it to modern-day. When the pharaohs and the kings had gold, cacao beans, women, power, and cannons. This is no different. I think we’re in a state where there are a lot more humans on the Earth. We’re approaching eight billion people on the planet and growing. Resources come into question, not just our natural resources but money is a resource. It’s an energetic resource.

Do I think it’s for human society or the planet to have people walking around with hundreds of billions of dollars? I don’t think so. First of all, it’s not necessary. Why does a human being need that? No human being needs that amount of money. It’s not about necessity at that point. It’s about power and hoarding. I wanted to comment on the Bill Gates thing, Whitney, because none of the people you mentioned have I had any alarms go off of concern. As I’ve personally researched Bill Gates’ history and what he’s funded, a lot of the medical experiments that he’s directly funded with the CDC and the WHO.

The mortality rate of African children and the sterilization rate of Indian women that he’s experimented on and funded, it’s extremely concerning the agenda that I perceive he’s pushing. If you look back at his father and his father being a staunch, eugenicist and funding a lot of these things, and Bill Gates funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into vaccines, sterilization, birth control and population control. I am concerned about his agenda, whatever that is based on the facts I’ve seen of what he’s done with the medical experiments that he’s funded.

This is a heavy subject matter. We started off laughing and bringing it up all of that. It’s funny because as usual, I had no idea where this episode was going to go, but this is certainly not a route that I planned to go down. For our dear audience, thank you for going on this journey with us as usual. It’s a wonderful thing when you are willing to go through the uncomfortable elements and conversations that we have and look at life. These things are uncomfortable for us to talk about as well sometimes. We talk about them because we feel like there’s a huge benefit in airing out our feelings. A lot of the research that I’ve been doing around wellbeing centers around how we can’t run away from negative things. It will always chase us.

If we simply acknowledge dark emotions and we tap into our shadow side and look at these elements of life, that’s incredibly important. We’ve certainly seen this with Black Lives Matter where it’s requiring us to examine our past behavior. It’s requiring us to look at our society and our role in it and to question things. The part of this conversation is specifically around the QAnon, and as you’re talking about Bill Gates is it is important to question these people. If we can do it from a place of genuine curiosity and concern versus envy, jealousy, resentment, those emotions I was talking about, we can learn a lot from that instead of accepting things as they are. We can wonder about them. We can challenge them. We can have discussions about them at the least, and then we can start to research them to grow our awareness.

There’s a lot of danger in looking through life with rose-colored glasses or ignoring some of the dark things that are happening simply because they are uncomfortable to address. This has been a challenging episode as was a few episodes back to interweave our brand partner. We want to remind you, the audience that Jason and I are centered in transparency. We acknowledge a few episodes back, in case you are new to our show or you didn’t read that episode, whereas we grow the show, we are working with more and more brands. One thing that we do from time to time is have sponsored episodes. Other times we weave in our affiliate partners, whether it’s organically part of the conversation or in this case, I’m going to be blunt about it because I don’t know how to weave this into this conversation.

I know how to weave it.

Let’s do it, Jason.

From a personal standpoint, I have had to limit the amount of information I’m taking on the daily basis. I’ve been doing that more successfully during this very strange and unusual and challenging time. The first, I’d say 2.5 months of quarantine, lockdown and the BLM marches consuming a ton of content. I found that the more conspiratorial dark information I was taking in, I was not sleeping well. I was feeling stressed out and feeling a lot of tension physically manifesting in my body from the tightening of my muscles to gut issues. I noticed that during this time, reading too many news reports, consuming too much social media, and leaning into the more conspiratorial, darker elements of what may or may not be behind all this. I found it was affecting me on not just a mental health level but also a physical health level. For me, the idea of relaxation, upping my meditation game, taking more CBD and using tools to distress and unwind while I’m removing myself from the consumption of information has been part of my self-care routine out of sheer necessity, Whitney, to stay sane and stay okay in the midst of all this.

I’m glad that you brought that up because information overload can feel incredibly stressful. I was having a coaching consultation with somebody. She said that was one of the things that was such a big hindrance for her because she was trying to develop a better routine. One of the obstacles she was overcoming was trying to not get stressed out about information and also to go to bed earlier. The tie-in here is our friends over at Rapid Release, who make our favorite personal massage products. It’s not in the sense of what we were talking about towards the beginning of the episode. A lot of these products could be multipurpose to be frank.

This one’s a little too powerful.

This one you don’t want to use in your nether regions.

You would have to have a clitoris of steel.

The people over at Rapid Release are horrified, but in all transparency, hopefully we don’t lose our affiliate relationship with them. Since they’re not a sponsor, we can position this however we want. Part of how we talk is to be frank, open, and get uncomfortable with you. The other thing that’s interesting and a tie-in that didn’t occur to me, Jason, is the first time I learned about Pizzagate was during The Longevity Now Conference, which was also the first time I learned about Rapid Release. The person that was talking to me and Jason about Pizzagate. We’re not going to get into that. We already have, but if you know what it is, great. If you don’t know what it is, you’re welcome to google it.

Pizzagate’s another one of those disturbing things and tied into what we were discussing. He was using the Hypervolt, which is a percussionary massage tool. Shortly after I tried that for the first time, I was introduced to Rapid Release at the conference and their tools are vibration therapy. There’s a big difference between the two of them and how they affect your body. One of the things that makes Rapid Release a unique tool is designed to be precise and release pain intention in the body with short strokes. Most of the other tools out there are percussion-based, which means they have long strokes and they might not affect your body in quite the same way. That’s part of the reason Rapid Release is a product I love and why is trusted by a lot of different medical professionals. A lot of chiropractors and massage therapists use it.

People and their body care practices use this device. It’s impressive for that reason. I’m going on their website because I still feel a little unclear about the difference between vibration versus percussion. Here’s a little history lesson for you, those have been around since the early 1900s. According to the Rapid Release website, “They’re slow speed with a long stroke, and they work on large muscle groups, but they’re not very great with muscle insertion points and tender areas. They also run very slow versus Rapid Release. When they use the vibration therapy, they use those very tiny strokes and they go about three times faster than the average percussion device. They’re very fine-tuned. They can get into your tender areas in a different way and also be a little bit more healing.” What’s also neat is that one of the Rapid Release devices has a heat feature on it. That’s nice for soothing your muscles. This is the reason we have become passionate about them.

We have a discount code and a link. You can check out Rapid Release for yourself. You might need to, after reading to some of these hardcore episodes and the topics that we’ve been addressing. Our discount code for them is WELLBEING. You’ll get a little discount on there, plus free shipping. They have a great warranty as well. You can have that for a long time and trust that it’ll last many years. As we talked about in another episode, it’s a big investment. It is a pricier product, but with a long warranty, you’re assured that you’re going to have a lot of self-care and healing for your body. It can be a savings if you’re somebody that gets a lot of massages and bodywork in general from a practitioner, which can average around $100 a session. Over time, it might make more financial sense for you to have a device at home.

A lot of people will send me DMS or emails about what kind of kitchen equipment, being that I focused on cheffing, recipes and nutrition in the wellness sphere for so long. Whenever I refer something like Blendtec that Whitney and I are huge fans of. We’ve used them for years. I’ve used Blendtec my entire career. We might as well spend this into a Blendtec pitch too, why not?

We do love Blendtec. We definitely didn’t intend on talking about this, but this is what I was saying, that when we work with brands, we weave them in as often as we can into our conversations. Sometimes they’re a little bit more blatant, like Rapid Release, but I love that you bring up Blendtec because it’s a comparable product in a lot of ways.

It’s one of those things too, that when I have a tremendous experience with a brand, and this is maybe a cool thing that we can talk about Whitney because I feel you’re the same way with specific brands. It’s not necessarily just about the brand image. I feel like there’s a part of human psychology where we like to identify our sense of self with the brand values of the things we love. If I wear this certain type of footwear, drive this certain car or have this certain computer, it reflects something about my personality to other people. This is why brand differentiation exists. Beyond that, when I have a tremendous experience with a brand, I’m brand loyal probably for life. Here are two random examples, I’ve used Blendtec ever since I graduated culinary school nearly many years ago.

It's a little creepy how much we can spy on people and track them with phantom analytics. Click To Tweet

I had my first experience in culinary school, in my twenties. I’ve used it ever since. I feel the same way with certain car brands. I feel the same way with the mattresses Whitney and I have, which is this great Canadian company called Essentia. I remember when I first switched to Apple, Whitney. I was a PC guy forever. Also many years ago, I got my first MacBook and I was like, “I’m done.” The user experience, the technical support, and the tactile interaction with the thing. For me, it goes back to my philosophy I learned from my mom, which we didn’t grow up with a lot of money.

We struggled a lot when we were growing up, but my mom always instilled this value in me of if you can go a little bit beyond your means and invest in something of quality that’s going to last you for decades, first of all, it’s more eco-friendly. Second of all, maybe you stretched a little bit, but you’re going to save money later by buying that thing of quality. I feel like with most of my purchasing decisions, I’m always looking for the highest quality product, even if it’s going to cost me a little bit more because I know it’s going to last me for a long time.

Part of the reason that Jason and I are such good friends is because we have a lot in common and we usually agree upon brands. Is there an example of something like competitors that we’re on either side of it? We both love Blendtec, but if like, “What if I was a Vitamix user and you’re a Blendtec?”

Depending on what electric car I ended up getting, we might be on opposite sides of that. You know that I’m a huge fan of Tesla from all the years of you having it. Two of our good friends, Michael and Ellie, enjoyed their cars over there. Having experienced a lot of different versions of their cars, I haven’t sat in a Model Y yet, but I’ve driven a 3, S and an X. They’re phenomenal creations. I haven’t had an ownership experience enough to be able to comment on that, but it could be that I ended up getting a Mustang Mach-E or the new Volvo Polestar. In the next years, there’s a ton of great electric cars coming out. Am I 100% sold on a Tesla? Maybe the new S version is 402 miles per charge, Whitney. I know I sent that to you and I was like, “Damn, this is a game-changer.” I messaged Whitney that the new updated version of the Model S, the flagship sedan for Tesla, you could drive from LA to the Grand Canyon and still have miles left on the charge. It’s incredible.

It does depend on a variety of different factors, but Tesla reminds me a lot of Apple and not just in terms of their founders. I admired Steve Jobs despite any of his shortcomings because they certainly had them. In general, I thought he was such a brilliant man. He shaped a lot of technology. When they came out with the iPhone, there was nothing like it. Android software started making their own versions, Samsung, Google have their devices. There are many competitors to the iPhone, but the iPhone was the originator. What’s been interesting is all these years people say like, “This phone is better than the iPhone,” but then Apple comes out with a new version of the iPhone and it’s wonderful.

It’s this back and forth, who’s going to have the better phone at the current time. I feel a lot of the same way with Tesla. You could say the same thing with Blendtec versus Vitamix. They’re always trying to outdo each other. The thing I like about Tesla for now, at least this could possibly change. Aside from thinking that Elon Musk is such a fascinating human being and always doing something interesting. I love that Tesla is constantly evolving, and this is one of the huge benefits. For you, Jason, and for anyone else reading, if you are thinking of getting an electric car, it certainly doesn’t have to be a Tesla. Even though they’re trying to make them more affordable. The thing that I love the most about my Model 3 is that the updates continuously make the car better. If you’re going to get an electric car, I highly recommend getting one that is similar in that sense. I don’t know what Ford will do, Porsche, BMW, and Volkswagen.

In the next years between now and 2022, there’s a ton coming out.

I’m talking about the tech-related. Ford or maybe Porsche to me have the higher chance of competing with Tesla’s tech. Because before I had a Tesla, I had the Fiat 500e, which is fully electric, but it doesn’t have any technology. It’s gotten better over time. The big difference is with the Tesla, they create these updates. Your car is improving versus a lot of other cars that you buy. You’re stuck with what you get. They don’t update the software. I think that’s a brilliant element of it. Similar to an iPhone. Mac products in general is a little bit different. The software can certainly improve, but the hardware will always stay the same. While that is true with the Tesla, the software changes are remarkable and they’ve built in some hardware in the cars that have not been activated yet.

There’s a camera in the Model 3 that still doesn’t have a function. They increase the battery range of the car at one point by a little bit. The potential of the car has not been fully realized, and I love that about it. That way I feel like it’s always getting better and better. Jason to you, but anyone else who’s been thinking about getting an electric car, do your research on that. With Tesla, you don’t have to do that much research because they’re obsessed with doing a great job all the time. If you get a Tesla, you’ll probably be satisfied. I’ve met a few people that don’t like Tesla much. They got the car and they’re like, “I hate it.” I’m like, “I can’t believe you could hate this car.”

As an enthusiast, this is tangential. I love the sound of cars and I’ve always endeavored with probably the last 21 years of cars that I bought, that there was something unique about the Sonic profile? How did the car sound? What kind of exhaust sound did it make? That’s always been a huge thing for me. If I’m driving my car all day long, I want to enjoy how it sounds cruising under acceleration. The one thing that I’ve always taken umbrage with, with electric cars is they sound like this warp speed thing, which isn’t that sexy to me, but there’s a company in the UK. I think I sent you a video, Whitney, that is creating a sound actuator inside and outside Tesla’s that from your smartphone, you can select different fakes.

They sound good. Exhaust noises from a ‘67 Chevy, a ‘65 Mustang and a Viper. They have all of these audio tracks they’ve taken from actual cars that you can make your Tesla sound like. There was one sound that I think it was supposed to be like a Ford 5 liter V8, a famous V8 engine. They showed it on the Model 3 and I was like, “That sounds damn good.” I know that if I were to get one, I’d have to put a sound actuator so that I would have that enjoyment. That to me is one of the most engaging and joyful parts of the driving experience is how the car sounds.

We got quite the tangent here. I’m still curious people who read these episodes that don’t have a major point to them or have a ton of mini small points. We certainly would love your feedback on episodes like this. This is a great time for us to invite you to be part of the conversation. Because even though this is our 88th episode, we’re still evolving and we probably will always evolve. We want to make sure that this is content that you love. That’s where this episode originally came from, was us digging into the things that people like you are searching for online. We would love any feedback. If you have direct feedback from us, besides your Google searches, which even going back to Paul Jarvis and Fathom Analytics.

Part of his viewpoint is that it’s a little creepy, how much we can spy on people and track them. One thing that I’m curious with Fathom Analytics is, and by the way, we’re also a part of their affiliate program in full transparency to people reading. If you click on their link in Wellevatr, you’ll be directed to Fathom Analytics. If you enroll in it, we get a little commission from it as we do with Rapid Release, Blendtec, Essentia, etc. We always want to be upfront with you. That’s part of our revenue model and many podcasters do the same thing. Anyways, Paul has talked a bunch about how the downside with Google Analytics is that it does a lot of tracking. This episode may have opened up your eyes to realize that you are being tracked in a lot of ways and it’s not meant to scare you.

If you want to learn more about data privacy, we encourage you to read the episode that we did with Paul because he has a great perspective, points, and research that he’s done around that. It’s ultimately about raising your awareness. Just so you know, when you do Google searches, those are being tracked and people like us can find out what you’re searching for, for better or for worse. We certainly never want to come from a place of judgment. If we laugh at things, it’s simply because we find them amusing but not at your expense. If you want to find another way to share your interest with us, we’d love to hear from you. You can connect with us via email, social media or on the comment section. The way to find us everywhere is to go to our website, which is

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If you go to, you’ll find us. You can chip in just a few dollars a month. That adds up a lot. We have purchased equipment. Thanks to Patreon, we have paid for services like Dropbox, which we use to send our episodes to our editors. There’s a lot of money that is required to have a show and to continue to improve it. If that’s something that you’re interested in doing, we would love to have you there. We’re always looking for ways to thank you, to show our appreciation. We’re always experimenting with different perks we can offer. We’d love your feedback on that too. In essence, we want to hear from you. We are grateful for you. Thank you for reading this episode. If you want to know more and you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to the show and be notified. We have more episodes coming out. Until then, thank you for being part of this especially interesting journey that we’ve been on.

Whitney, in closing, may I request one more search term as we go?

I’m glad you asked because I feel like we should do this at the end of every episode, at least until someone says they hate it. If we had twenty people saying, “I don’t like this Google search query thing you’re doing,” we would probably stop.

If you find it irksome, take a few steps back from hate.

MGU 88 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics: There’s a part of human psychology where we like to identify our sense of self with the brand values of the things we love.


A number of people find it irksome because one person might find it irksome doesn’t represent everybody. This is why it’s important for your voice to be heard. Jason, I’m going to leave you with this one, which I felt like was a very Jason search term.

More than face-sitting in a glazed donut? I don’t know if you can get more Jason than that unless there are cats in the room too.

This is something that you can answer. I know exactly why we came up as a recommendation, but I thought this would be a fun little thing for you to answer. I know you’re going to have the answer right off the top of your head. The query was, “Why did Luke Skywalker go into hiding?”

What happened was he was training Kylo Ren, spoiler alert for any non- Star Wars fans. Between Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens, that 30-year period Han Solo and Princess Leia had a kid named Ben Solo who was a force-sensitive being. Luke Skywalker starts a new Jedi school. Kylo Ren and Ben Solo is part of that school along with some other students. Luke Skywalker senses that Snoke, the Supreme Leader, is having a psychological effect on Ben Solo and feels that he’s turning to the dark side. One night, he decides to draw his lightsaber and thinks about killing Ben Solo. Ben Solo wakes up, blows up and destroys the entire Jedi temple. Luke takes the blame on himself and then goes into exile.

I knew it. Look at you. You could have a whole episode just on Star Wars.

I could be. There’s some heavyweight, hardcore fanatics way beyond my acumen. I feel like I could, but I also bow down to the group of Star Wars fans that go to Star Wars Celebration every year that dress up in costume. I’m not on that level by any means.

You got your own personal style. It’s like I’ve been encouraging you for years to do some car YouTube channel or car podcast. If you ever want to do another show, Jason, you have a lot of topics you could cover with your knowledge and your passion. That by addressing Star Wars, we start to attract more Star Wars fans to our show.

One last question, Whitney, are there any wellness, health, mental health, emotional wellness, anything that we try and anchor the topic matter in this show? Are any of the search terms related to that? Because everything you’ve brought has been around drug rants, puppies, the universe, sexual questions and Star Wars.

I’m only picking the interesting outlier queries. I’m not picking the generic like, “Tell me how to improve my life.” Those are boring. We talked about that. I’m trying to address the funny, interesting or serious topics. There’s a lot more where that came from. If the readers are enjoying this, regardless of whether or not you enjoy it, we’re going to do it a number of times because I think Jason and I have a lot of love for this. That’s why we’ll do it at the end of the episode. If you don’t like us talk about these things, then next time you can skip it over it easily. After we do our show wrap up, we’ll have a little bonus section at the end of future episodes. We’ll test it out. We’ll see how it goes. I certainly enjoy it.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” I believe that was Emerson who said that. This is an experiment. Thanks for being with us on this experiment. We appreciate your candor, your input, your feedback, your downloads, your subscribes, whatever you want to say, however much love you want to give us. We gladly say yes and thank you.


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